Cyclic [128x, 1.12.2]

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Post 06 Jul 2018, 16:57

I've been playing with like 60 something mods and I like having all of the textures etc. and for the most part it has been great. I know the All Mods 3 resource packs has a cyclic resource set but that is only for the blocks.

The missing textures are the:
Items (Including Baubles, Nether Book, Bags of holding, enhanced shears)
Nether Ores (the ones that drop nuggets)
conveyor belts

and a whole bunch of other stuff (tbh I only REALLY care about the items, but I figure the others need to be done anyway in case someone else is looking for cyclic textures)

Thank you for reading/assisting :D
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Post 06 Jul 2018, 16:58

You need to provide a link to the mod page.
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