Did a Beta 1.7.3 Technic SSP patch ever exist?

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Post 15 Dec 2022, 18:44

I have been working on putting together full BDcraft textures for my older modpacks, but I've run into an issue with one of them. It is a pack built for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3, and accordingly, many of the patches from that long ago are flat-out missing.

A significant portion of the Tekkit Classic textures are compatible out of the box, thankfully, but I'm manually rebuilding the patch for IndustrialCraft 1 from backports of the newer textures.

It made me think, was there ever a BDcraft patch put together when the singleplayer Technic pack was still on Beta 1.7, or a version that predates Minecraft 1.2.5? And if so, does anybody still have a copy of it lying around? I wasn't playing Minecraft until 2013 so I have no idea if one ever existed in 2011.



P.S. For the animated textures to work correctly with MCPatcher/OptiFine for Beta 1.7, they have to be copied from the anim subfolder in the 1.2.5 patch to the root level. Since the 1.2.5 patch is entirely compatible with beta 1.7.3 with that one exception, could that version be updated so that those textures exist in both locations?
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Post 24 Jan 2023, 05:02

Yes, see https://web.archive.org/web/20130106173 ... -64px128px or https://web.archive.org/web/20130108103 ... s/?technic
Edit: This might not be the beta versions, so try going backwards in the archive history
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