Immersive Weathering

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Post 15 Nov 2022, 16:06 ... ing-fabric or Forge

I think it should be a small mod and easy to sphaxify quickly.

I'd love to contribute, but unfortunately I can't even draw stick figures properly, so needless to say my artistic contribution to society is in the negatives.

Edit: It might have some overlap with previously done mods. I think I remember some stuff like vines and coverings in something else (biomes o plenty?), but can't be sure of anything since I last played modded MC 7 years ago.
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Post 15 Nov 2022, 19:19

I second this.
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Post 03 Jan 2023, 04:53

Yeah I'd actually really like to see this I added Immersive Weathering to my ATM8 pack and while I do have the tolerance to stand 16x Minecraft right next to 128x sphax is high it is unfortunately not infinite so yeah, I third this I guess
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