Magnetic Engineering

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Post 30 Sep 2021, 03:39

Magnetic Engineering

Magnetic Engineering is a fork of Magneticraft (found here) that turns it into an Immersive Engineering addon ... ngineering

Changes from Magneticraft proper:

Most machines or content that overlap with: Immersive Engineering, Immersive Petroleum, MCT Immersive Technology, or other IE addons have been removed
- This includes the ore processing grinder and all chunks, the pumpjack, refinery, and oil heater, and some other machines. - For power generation this includes the liquid fuel boilers, the steam turbine, and all of the fuels - This also includes the conveyor belts and pneumatic tubes, but NOT the inserter
Some machine part names have been changed to reflect their IE-addon-ness, and machine structures have been updated to use IE blocks as their main components
Internally MGC machines all use their old power to make sure other mods don't break, but all accept IF/FE by default. The steam engines does still need an alternator (converter) on top to go from DC to AC
Multiblock controllers now are crafted like IE blueprints, but with a redstone engineering block on top, as if the controller was the RS engineering block on an IE machine
Possibly more I've forgotten