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21 Oct 2016, 23:40
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"Internet Connection Lost"

I have used Cubik several times without any problems and this issue has come up recently. I have re downloaded, and reentered my details into Cubik and I still get the same issue, I have no antivirus on my computer, and no firewall to stop cubik, my internet is also working fine with no issues... I ...
13 Oct 2016, 07:30
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"Internet Connection Lost"

I have just bought Animaker, and it dosent seem to run properly and just gives me "Internet connection lost BDcraft Animaker is unable to discuss with" I can also run it in demo mode fine. -_-! ScreenShot: I also have the same issue with BDcraft Cubik http://bdc...
08 Jun 2015, 09:59
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Idea for easy UV mapping and Texturing

IF YOU LIKE THIS IDEA HYPE IT My idea is that there is a button or feature so when you press it, it will export a png with all the faces of the model on it that is already uv mapped.
08 Jun 2015, 08:42
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Importing Files to more than one block

How do i import 3d files to be bigger than one block? im trying to import car models into cubik but i canot scale it big enough if it is one block on import. Plz Halp :D