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by Hitraz
01 May 2015, 22:39
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Re: VanillaBDCraft [Opinion]

Hey just dropping by to tell how big a fan i am of this edit, but one thing that i have been wondering about is whether you will make this pack in different resolutions? I personally like a 64x version a lot more, not because of computer issues. I can easily go with a 512x version, I just like the l...
by Hitraz
08 Aug 2014, 00:05
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Re: Feedback on PureBDcraft 1.8

Hey long time fan of your work here. I have used your pack since... I don't when, it's been a long time. It is my favorite pack, and I really enjoy using looking at it when i play. But in the latest update, with that "anti-aliasing" thingy on the items, I don't feel it anymore. To me it does not fee...