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18 Oct 2016, 01:59
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Re: Could Someone Make A Medieval Patch?

I've been fiddling with Alt-Item textures, pretty much equivalent to the Unofficial addon, but used Cumbl3d's Balkon's Weaponmod textures for the weapons, which is great, if anyone needs some help with this since im a nub at simply adding a download link, PM me, an example of the edits I had made ca...
18 Oct 2016, 01:55
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Regarding the Extra Items 1.10.2 Unofficial Addon

It is an awesome Addon, and it's not too big of an issue, but I had finally finished converting Balkon's Weapon Mod Patch textures (The ones by Crumbl3d, gr8 work btw) into item alts, so for example, if I rename an iron sword to Iron Knife, it turns into a knife, which is awesome and fairly easy to ...
17 Oct 2016, 01:47
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Re: [MC1.10] Extra Optifine

This is awesome! Also before you use this, make sure to use the most recent version of Optifine, I use C3.
17 Oct 2016, 00:57
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Could Someone Make A Medieval Patch?

I think it would be awesome if someone could help with this, I would love to see a medieval themed version of the Sphax Pack, in regards to armor, weapons wouldn't be too hard to change since old patches exist: Balkon's Weapon-mod Patch, Alt Assets, etc... If anyone can do this, you are awesome!
07 Aug 2016, 22:30
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Re: AutumnBDCraft?

Could someone do this, but more of a full winter version? I'm awful at editing things.

Example: Snowy/dead grass...
07 Aug 2016, 22:04
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Re: Help with Custom Item Textures

Oh, ok, thank you. Currently fiddling with Balkon's Weapon Mod Textures (Sphax versions) for when that does get released.
07 Aug 2016, 21:44
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Help with Custom Item Textures

I'm not sure why, or if I am doing something incorrectly, but when I rename a bow to Crossbow, or axe to Battleaxe, they do not change, I run optifine with Custom Items set to On.
30 Jun 2016, 04:12
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More Random Mobs? (1.10)

It would be nice to see more random mobs for the new Stray, the Husk is pretty fine. (I just took a pre-existing zombie skin and assigned specifically for the Husk) But for the Stray, there is only on texture and I think it would be nice to have a bit of variation, for example, maybe some with a hel...
14 Aug 2014, 19:00
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Re: Help... I think i have a problem w/ Sphax...

Wait, im good now, i was in 1.7.9 before but i decided to switch to 1.7.10 and then i was able to use 128x, thnx for responding though :)
14 Aug 2014, 18:55
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Help... I think i have a problem w/ Sphax...

I Used to be able to use Sphax 128x perfectly fine, but now for some odd reason, whenever i try to use Sphax 128x it just kicks me back to the start screen, and won't let me activate the resource pack... I can only used 64x and below. Does anybody know why this is and if there is a way to fix it? :-/