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14 Jul 2013, 13:02
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MyPeople mod

MyPeople mod I know there is a thread for this already, but i couldnt post comments there because of the migration. Therefore i make this one. SPARKST3R made all the textures, exept the GUI's. I would really like to have some GUI's textured too. If someone get's around to making them, i would like ...
10 Jul 2013, 08:31
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Re: Texture issue

Thank you very much. Im sorry for wrong thread.
10 Jul 2013, 08:23
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Texture issue

Hello! I have installed a barrel mod to my modpack which is in 1.4.7 and i found some textures and put them together in a file, but the textures looks messed up in-game. This is the result: This is what the file with the sphaxifyed barrel t...