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29 Jan 2014, 02:21
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[128x/64x/32x] Enhanced Portals 2 and 3 [MC1.6.4 and 1.7.2] EnhancedPortals started out as a mod designed to give you a bit more customization for your Nether portals. You could increase the size, shape, or change it's colour. EnhancedPortals 3 takes this even further by leaving behind the focus of being a fully functional, bo...
26 Jan 2014, 23:36
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Re: [WIP] [128x] [Update! v0.3.6 Pre] Ars Magica 2

Sillyman some of the texture files you have at 128x are extremely large ie staff_magitech is 60kb. If I open this with my software and resave it, it is now 6kb. There are quite a few textures like this. This may be similar to what GadZuqs did in the magical crop pack. HanFox said it had something to...
26 Jan 2014, 11:30
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Re: [128x/64x/32x] FTB: TPPI (Test Pack Please Ignore) (WIP)

LightHero you will find the FTB banners under AppData/Roaming/ftblauncher/ModPacks/(Pack you Req)

Hope this helps:)
24 Jan 2014, 11:36
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Re: [WIP][512-64]OpenBlocks

I've had a go at doing the GUI's in openblocks. With the way this mod does this it will never fully get the Sphax look. This is for the latest version where there are 2 folders for openblocks: openblocks and openmodslib. Openblocks GUIs The way these work is 2 files to create all the GUIs. If anyone...
23 Jan 2014, 15:04
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Re: [WIP] [128x] [v0.2 Pre]Mariculture

Bonaire I already did the TC tools. There is a link half way down page 1 of this thread.
21 Jan 2014, 20:34
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Re: [128x/64x/32x] Feed the Beast: Horizons

Just add my Extra TiC patch to fix that. Don't think its been added to the pack yet. ... t1694.html
21 Jan 2014, 19:44
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Re: [128x/64x/32x] Extra TiC

Actually 11 new materials and over 1100 more files. That's a little more than 329. lol. Give me a few days and I'll see what I can do.
20 Jan 2014, 21:29
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Re: Geostrata [128x-64x]

Bonaire I started this myself and the file you want to change is "crystal_outline" in the blocks folder. That will change the rendering of the crystals for you.
19 Jan 2014, 18:28
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Re: [128x] Magical Crops [MC1.5 & 1.6]

I don't use fireworks but I'm sure a couple of people on this forum do. Hopefully they could help you out.
19 Jan 2014, 18:08
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Re: [128x] Magical Crops [MC1.5 & 1.6]

Gadzuqs I'm not sure what version of magical Crops you made this for but I've taken what you have done and redone it for version 3.1.6 which is used in FTB monster ver1.0.5 There were a few things missing so I have added these. For Version 3.1.6 128x 64x 32x Also I don't know what software you are u...