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by b0bst3r
03 Apr 2017, 19:05
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Re: [128x/64x/32x] Actually Additions [MC1.10.2]

Holy .... omg..... I came here for something else (BC since it's out for 1.11.2) and saw this and my jaw dropped through the floor... TY TY TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYYTYTYYTY
by b0bst3r
03 Apr 2017, 15:53
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Re: [512x - 32x] OpenComputers [MC1.7]

Think I'll leave this here for 1.10.2 x64 :)
Not complete as there's new stuff in the mod and I cannot texture to Grumpys standards, I have done some extra stuff where changing colours of existing textures was necessary.
by b0bst3r
03 Apr 2017, 13:53
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Re: [512x - 32x] Thermal Foundation [MC1.7 & MC1.10]

Ok so my original post/feedback was a knee jerk reaction (must stop doing those), after playing with TE 1.10.2 for the last few days I can live with it. Of course that means I will be changing all the mods I use to have the same ingots/dusts/nuggets/gears etc but hey ho.
by b0bst3r
26 Mar 2017, 23:38
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Re: [512x - 16x] Thermal Foundation [MC1.7 & MC1.10]

The problem is Iridium is tin colour that have been used in the past will have to think a bit more.
by b0bst3r
26 Mar 2017, 23:04
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Re: [512x - 16x] Thermal Foundation [MC1.7 & MC1.10]

I like the new colours, shame no other patch has these color ores, so now I got tin that looks like iron and aluminium isn't that colour in any other patch. Tin ingots don't match the ore colour (ore is white, ingots are "iron" colour). Don't get me wrong I like the new colours just need to change e...
by b0bst3r
15 Jan 2017, 00:05
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Re: [64x] EnderIO

1.10.2 WIP added to the OP. -- edit -- So I done some more then realised it was time to fix the Capacitor Bank GUI. It became quickly apparent after talking to the EnderIO devs that this wasn't going to be as easy as one would imagine. This Cap bank GUI took textures from the Baubles GUI, first prob...
by b0bst3r
14 Jan 2017, 19:48
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Re: [512x - 16x] Baubles [MC 1.7 - 1.8]

As a consequence to texturing EnderIO I am going to have to texture the 1.10.2 version of Baubles as it directly takes Baubles textures for use in the Capacitor Bank GUI and boy this might take some messing about getting them both to fit.
by b0bst3r
14 Jan 2017, 17:53
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Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory [MC1.6 - 1.10]

Skulte assign more RAM to the pack you ran out.
by b0bst3r
12 Jan 2017, 23:07
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Re: [128x/64x] Steve's/Ewy's/Engineers Workshop [MC1.7 - 1.1

Updated and complete, taken from Nova's Sky Factory 3 zip/pack. Not sure if you did them Nova but if so thank you, if not then thankyou to whoever did and as previously stated this patch will work with the older and newer 1.10.2 version as the item files are duplicated.
by b0bst3r
03 Jan 2017, 18:13
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Re: [512x/128x/64x] Steve's Factory Manager [MC1.7]

I have these files in 64x but not above

Steve's Factory Manager Reborn (made off SFMR v 1.0.12) for MC 1.10.2