Things which need to be fixed (or could be changed)

Ideas and feedback to improve VanillaBDcraft, the more classical feeling resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 22 Mar 2016, 19:46

I found some things, which should be fixed and could be changed. I used "QMAGNET's Test Map" for this. This is no advertisement. I just think this map is really usefull for seeing what is missing in a resource pack.

1) Iron, gold and diamond helmets got small pixel fails:

2) The letter "ß" is thicker than the others:

3) Anvils are bugging into each other (I recommended to take the 3D model from PureBDcraft):

4) The damage indicator texture is missing:

5) The sunflower texture looks cut off:

6) Leaves are almost all the same. I know it's the same in the default texturepack, but I really dislike it (I copied the leave textures from PureBDcraf for my self):

7) The normal glass pane looks kinda weird:

8) The redstone torch is much lighter than on a comparator:

9) On this picture I just destroyed a redstone torch:

10) A lot of flag designs are messed up:

11) A baby zombie texture is missing:

12) All armor items are 3D, only the leather armor isn't:

PS: I really like this resource pack and appreciate your work for it :)