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Post 20 Feb 2021, 16:02

Turning on this pack in any resolution seems to cause major performance issues with any of my old worlds.

New worlds perform better but still have super-low fps for what my PC should be able to do and did in the past with this pack.

Done all the standard troubleshooting stuff, updated drivers, played with settings, forced windows to use High Performance mod etc, I can play Cyberpunk in 4k @60fps on ultra/high so I think my PC is doing pretty well.

i7700k/2080ti/32GB 3200 RAM/Samsung Evo 970 plus 1tb nvme ssd..

When I load this texture pack the game slows down to single digit fps on my busy worlds and less than 30fps on new worlds. Which didn't happen before even before I got my 2080Ti on a 1080 8GB.

Also tried cutting down sim distance, render distance, tried 64, 128, 256 resolutions which seems to get a bit better as it goes down but still basically unplayable on all of them.

Turning off the pack I instantly go back to 60fps with no drops with default textures. I can set render distance to 96 if I want and fly around no problem in default regardless of how complex the worlds are.

Weird thing is the my CPU/GPU are barely being used, the VRAM gets loaded almost to 100% but CPU/GPU barely touch the 50% mark even with the packs loaded and the game crawling at 2fps.

Any ideas how to get this performing as it used to? Or am I done playing Minecraft? I can't play without this pack so I'd really like to get it working. Thanks
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Post 20 Feb 2021, 17:30

Sadly this appears to a game bug that isn't effecting everyone. We're unaware of a fix or workaround.

I would suggest, if you can't find anything similar on, to make a new bug report there.
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