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Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 30 May 2015, 01:36
by CrakaCrab
I also mentioned that I wont in the official release under Credits and changelog folder. I will ask Nhawks17 to resize some of these textures and possibly complete the guis. =D This patch will be updated but because nowadays most important sphax patchers are stopping and moving on to something else, its hard to just kep up the textures on my own. I hope this wont go on forever. D=

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 17 Jun 2015, 14:58
by del429
I have to ask. Have you, or do you have a link to a skyfactory 2 x32 or x16 patch? If not, would you ever think of making one?

My computer isn't the best right now and it just run smother with a smaller texturepack.

Thanks del

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 18 Jun 2015, 01:50
by CrakaCrab
Um... I am not sure exactly. I will have to ask someone to help, (aka. Novamanga or Nhawks17) because my textures do not turn out so great. And just a reminder, no 16x Sphax textures were made because of the lack of details especially for the modded textures. I'll try and resize the 64x textures for most of the mods. Again, I don't do textures nor resizing, so I wouldn't count on myself if I were you. =D

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 19 Jun 2015, 09:28
by CrakaCrab
---SkyFactory 2.4 Patch--- Back again for an update!

Here's the download link for 64x Patch (combine with the Sphax minecraft patch):
Also remember to download Damage Indicators to enjoy the full experience of Sphax. ;D

Credits and changelog:
Added AE2Stuff from HanFox
Updated Botania, Chisel 2, Magical Crops, MFR.
Foodplus (missing microwave textures and gui).

For developers and artists :
If anyone would like to make a patch for :
LootBags (items and guis), that would be so much appreciated.
MineFactory Reloaded (still in WIP)
RFTools (No Sphax Patch)

P.S. Credits to HanFox for making the textures. =D

Release version update!! Please post this ASAP. =D

-- edit --

By the way, here's a good new for those of you asking for a 128x or 32x patch, I got in touch with an Artist and he is willing to help me out to complete the patch! So have some grace and patience because he is using his vacation time to do so. =D Enjoy the newest update!

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 29 Jun 2015, 04:24
by 0mega420
any news on the 32X for Sky Factory 2?

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 29 Jun 2015, 18:08
by CrakaCrab
We are still working on it. There's SO many patches that doesnt support 32x. Resizing takes forever! So maybe just enjoy the 64x right now. Sorry for the inconvenience. =D

Re: [128x/64x/32x] ATLauncher: ModSauce [MC1.7]

Posted: 22 Nov 2015, 07:04
by CrakaCrab


for MC1.7.10 Updated : November 20th

How to Install

Copy & Paste this patch to your 'resourcepack' Folder w/ the Original Sphax Patch. For the best experience, use the same resolution. =P

For Developers

This is probably is the Last Update, if you have any completed patches for Sky Factory, feel free to PM me as I will update the patch. :D

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 17 May 2016, 18:49
by Paradox1982
It seems SkyFactory 2.5 was released yesterday on FTB & Curse Launcher by their official team (not sure why new version isn't on AT launcher with the older versions), so hopefully some marvelous person will update a complete texture patch for 2.5? :)

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 18 May 2016, 21:03
by Novamanga
As requested some downloads for Sky Factory 2.5.

Sky Factory 2.5 Enjoy :)

Re: [128x/64x/32x] SkyFactory 1 & 2 [MC1.6 - 1.7]

Posted: 09 Jun 2016, 10:36
by Sayrim
Can we have an update for skyfactory 2.5.2?