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RULES: Read this before posting a MODS PACK support patch

Posted: 22 Apr 2017, 18:25
by Sphax

Rules to post "Patches for Mod Packs"

Please, read them carefully before posting a new thread.

Before creating and posting a MOD PACK support patch for PureBDcraft, you must read, understand and agree with the PureBDcraft Terms of Use.

With the according license, by default, you are not authorized to create derivative work based on PureBDcraft texturepack.

I waive this condition of use for MODs support only if (and only if) the following conditions are met:

What to do

  • MOD support must be released as a "patch" of PureBDcraft. That means you are not authorized to release a non-modified file of PureBDcraft which is already included in PureBDcraft texturepack.
  • MOD support must be released on this forum. You can also release it in any other forum.
  • The thread dedicated to the MOD support patch must include the MOD banner (if any), the link to the MOD (website or forum thread), a short description of the MOD, a preview (one or more pictures), credits and download section.
  • The thread dedicated to the MOD support patch must be proofread and written in proper English before submitted.
  • Remember to always give proper credits to the people who worked on the patch.
  • Downloads should be in .zip format. DO NOT use .rar or .7z as they can have issues on some systems.
  • Make sure you use a filehost that doesn't require a signup or uses any timers before the download will start (Mediafire or pCloud are decent enough sites).
  • Read the "Tips & Tricks to create textures in the PureBDcraft style" thread.
  • Mod Packs:
    • You must credit ALL authors of the compiled patches in your pack with according links to the thread on
    • Always add a link back to where you released the Mod pack support patch.
    • The pack must be publicly available at the time of posting and must adhere to all the individual mod licenses contained within.
    • If you are posting a new version of a pack (i.e a v2 of an existing modpack) post it in the existing thread if there is one. There's no need for numerous threads for each iteration of a modpack.
  • Minecraft 1.7+: Due to the added feature of resource packs in MC1.7 and above you will be required to include a pack.mcmeta and a pack.png (see the spoiler below for extra details).
You can get an example pack.mcmeta here for MC1.7 and MC1.8, here for MC1.9 and MC1.10 and here for MC1.11 and MC1.12, and here for MC1.13+. Save it and open it in your favourite text editor (such as Notepad) and edit it as required.

The use of a valid mcmeta will be enforced and if you do not supply one your links may be removed until you fix it.

MC1.7 and MC1.8

Code: Select all

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 1,
    "description": "PureBDcraft patch by HanFox\n"
MC1.9 and MC1.10

Code: Select all

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 2,
    "description": "PureBDcraft patch by HanFox\n"
MC1.11 and MC1.12

Code: Select all

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 3,
    "description": "PureBDcraft patch by HanFox\n"

Code: Select all

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 4,
    "description": "PureBDcraft patch by HanFox\n"
This will give you something similar to:

This is the official patch icon provided by Sphax which we recommend you use above anything else (however this will not be enforced).

These files go in the "top level" of your zip in the same place as the assets folder.

Even if there are no particular changes between the patch in MC1.6 and MC1.7 you should still make an entirely new zip containing these files.

The same goes for MC1.9 and above. Even if there are no changes you must upload new zips with the correct pack_format in the pack.mcmeta for MC1.9+.

What you are authorized to do

  • You can use any texture included in PureBDcraft texturepack (recent or old version) or included in official PureBDcraft patches
  • You can ask me to help you for new textures for X block/item in the WIP MOD patch. I'll do my best to help you, but sometimes I will not have enough time to.
  • You can release your patch anywhere you want (other websites or forum threasd) if you have ALL the authorizations from original artists involved in your pack.
  • You can use PureBDcraft and your patch on commercial videos if you want to.
  • You must credits the work used in your arts (but not in any way that suggests that the authors endorse you or your use of the work).

What you are not authorized to

  • You are not authorized to create and release a remixpack or any texturepack which use one or more textures or files of PureBDcraft (with or without modification).
  • You are not authorized to release your patch under an link or any other payment method. You should do this for fun and to help the community, not to make money. If you disagree, let me know by email or by PM, I'll be glad to discuss this with you. If you want to have a permalink, use or any other non-paid URL shortner.
  • You are not authorized to release a non-modified file of PureBDcraft which is already included in PureBDcraft texturepack.
  • You are not authorized to claim the work of any other author compiled in your pack as yours.

Example of well formatted post

Please be aware new threads may need to await for moderator approval before they appear.

Code: Select all

[img]IMAGE_FOR_THE_BANNER_OF_MODPACK.PNG (if available)[/img]
[title]Name_of_modpack (only if no banner)[/title]

(can be copy/pasted from the mod thread, just make sure it's not too long)

[buttons][url=LINK_TO_MOD_PACK_PAGE]Mod pack page/CurseForge/Curse/MinecraftForum thread[/url][/buttons]

[b]for MC_VERSION[/b]

[gallery]URL_TO_PREVIEW_OF_TEXTURES.png (images are preferable but not mandatory for mod pack patches)[/gallery]
(wrap your images in [spoiler][/spoiler] if more than one image)

Version or Date: what's changed
(wrap this section in spoilers if the changelog becomes more than 5 lines long).

Do not include yourself, nor the mod maker when listing credits!
Only include Sphax if you used one of his textures for something.
You must either link to the patch post or to the user's profile page.


2019-04-13 22:28 BST: Added note about not using filehosts that have timers, or require signing up to download
2019-03-13 17:29 GMT: Added example mcmetas for MC1.13 patches
2017-04-22 19:25 BST: Added example mcmetas for MC1.9 - MC1.11 patches
2016-03-18 16:54 GMT: Added information about MC1.9 patches
2016-03-04 14:24 GMT: Removed note about not using (because they finally unblocked us again)
2016-02-08 10:00 GMT: Added note about not using and stated images are no longer necessary, but preferred
2015-04-05 07:12 BST: Tidied "Mod Packs" rules and added merging new versions of packs to existing threads
2014-09-27 08:57 BST: Tweaked the example post well-formatted and added that packs must be public and adhere to mod licenses
2014-07-18 21:05 BST: Tweaked the info about MC1.7 patches
2014-03-11 19:39 GMT: Added small change to the thread layout section in regards to saying what version of MC the patch is for
2013-11-26 17:38 GMT: Added information about MC1.7 resourcepacks to the "What to do" section.