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Re: [64x/32x] Enigmatica 2 [MC1.12]

Posted: 16 Feb 2020, 21:10
by Gdogg4
Reloading fixed it!

Thanks for the extremely fast response!

Re: [64x/32x] Enigmatica 2 [MC1.12]

Posted: 29 Sep 2020, 01:10
by mkaito

Here's a couple fun notes from my afternoon of debugging. Figured I'd share them, in case you may find them interesting.

Enigmatica 2 Expert Skyblock.

Try as I may, I could not get this patch to load with Optifine. Yeah, I know, Optifine evil. Tried both 64x and 32x. Also tried loading only this patch, no other packs, not even PureBD base. Worth mentioning that if I remove Optifine, it all works perfectly fine.

It would complain about some OpenBlocks texture, which is apparently a known issue: -- I get pretty much the exact stack trace as the last guy in that thread.

Now here's the odd things:

- If I switch resource packs from within the game (as in, in a world, not just the menu), it will load fine. But some textures will be funky due to the unclean atlas. Restarting the game like this will crash.
- I've tried with some other resource packs I had on hand and optifine and they don't cause the same issue: Faithful32 (+modded) Soartex Fanver Universal and Unity (+modded).

Normally, logic would dictate that there's something wrong with the OpenBlocks textures of this patch, however I don't know how a texture would possibly cause such a crash. This has got me stumped. I might try removing single textures from the OB namespace; who knows, maybe there's a single culprit somehow? I'm not expecting anything. As I said, I don't know how a texture could possibly be at fault.

It doesn't seem to be running out of memory either. VRAM usage never goes over 30% while loading, and I gave minecraft 64Gb of RAM in a fit of "screw it, give it moar" and it never even approached allocating 20Gb while loading.