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Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 15 Nov 2014, 18:26
by Massacrebro02
Hello, i have been playing minecraft since 1.2.6 and like most people i cannot stand default textures.

is their any way we can get a patcher for the sphax mods?

i have seen this done before and in making a patcher it will make things much easier for people who are not accustomed to modding their textures one by one.

it will also increase active users for sphax and open a much bigger audience for people to help keep textures up-to-date and also make new textures.

please consider this, as it will be more work for a short time, it will also bring even more to the sphax community.

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 15 Nov 2014, 19:02
by Sphax
A "Patcher" would be very easy to make. However I don't see who would use a third party program to do something as simple as mixing 2 ZIP files (and that is not required anymore since MC1.7)?

What would this Patcher do that would be useful enough so users would naturally trust it and download it to use it more than one time?

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 15 Nov 2014, 20:31
by Sparkst3r
Plus, a patcher is almost irrelavant now, in the newer versions of MC you can just install sphax at the bottom and put the patches on as layers, this also makes updating to a newer patch version much easier. Or at least it made it easier for myself.

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 15 Nov 2014, 20:42
by Aedaeum
A compiler would be nice however, where you could select all the patches you want and have them all zipped up for you :)

Hopefully I can work with Sphax on getting something like that out to the community, eventually.

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 17 Nov 2014, 22:55
by Massacrebro02
i am comparing it to one that another popular site uses.

just select the version, click the mods you want and it will automatically download the patch for each mod and boom. just drag and drop to resources and play.

i personally would like this as it would save a ton of time for modded servers that i want to use sphax on(i currently like sphax more than anything else out their).

it would mostly be a time saver, but it would also act like a database for people to search for mods on a list rather than flip through pages find the right texture size drag and drop to the main file.

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 17 Nov 2014, 23:31
by HanFox
Considering the size of the patches it may be more prudent to have an offline program (likely made in Java for simplicity as most people playing MC will likely have Java installed ;)) that can, as already suggested, read from a database of patches. Except the database will need to be downloaded/updated regularly to up-to-date (basically it could be an daily SQLite export of Aedaeum's patching database if that ever gets finished).

It can then download them to the persons PC and then for pre-MC1.7 zip them up or for MC1.7+ place them in the resourcepacks folder of whatever version/instance and even enable them all in the options.txt of that version/instance.

This would save a webserver having to serve what would end up being gigabytes of data daily and instead be using the users resources instead.

Just an idea, but it's much better than relying on a webserver which could end up costing lots of money in order to remain stable ;)

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 18 Nov 2014, 13:05
by Aedaeum
We'd still need a central place to store all the patches, instead of scattered all about on different sites, that way if we do decide to use an external program, it would be easy enough to download them using the users resources. How it is now, there would be no reliable way to download from all those sites without lots of extra work that could break if a site changes the way they handle their downloads.

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 11 Jan 2015, 02:57
by ianc1215
Not exactly. One way to allow for distributed patch locations would be to take queue from Linux thinking. What you could do is have a tool on your desktop (most likely written in Java). Have the tool pull a manifest file written in a markup language like XML from a central server (for example the place the sphax core packs are stored). The client reads the file and knows where to acquire each patch from. This would allow people to use anything that can be directly access with FTP or HTTP such as S3, Dropbox, etc.

Man all of this thinking has got me interested in doing this...

Re: Sphax Patcher?

Posted: 11 Jan 2015, 19:13
by Aedaeum
You're forgetting that not everyone uses DDLs. There are lots of files from mediafire. Then you have to take into account when a new version comes out and links change. This is not a cut and paste issue. As I said, we would need a central location where all the patch files are stored, in order to manage them properly. Right now we don't have the manpower to keep something like that updated when links are scattered all over the forums, in different places. A "one size fits all" solution is the only way we could do it.