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Supporter FAQ

Posted: 20 Jul 2018, 16:27 
by HanFox

Supporter FAQ

Thanks for considering Supporter. This thread should cover any questions you should have about the payment process and Supporter in general.
How long does it take for Supporter to activate after purchase?
For most people it should be instant, however some people may encounter a delay if either the payment handler (PaymentWall) or the chosen payment method invokes a waiting time for fraud checking.

The main delay is usually when PayPal is used and they process it as an eCheque/eCheck.

BDcraft itself never purposefully delays activation.
How will I know Supporter is active?
The selected username will receive a Private Message from "Othala" on the forum and, whilst logged in to the forum account, a countdown will be viewable on the Supporter page.
What if I enter the wrong email address or username when purchasing?
If you enter the wrong email address you just won't receive the receipt. On that occasion you'd have to contact PaymentWall about recovering your receipt.

As for the username, you should be very careful and make 100% sure the name is correct. The form will verify the account exists, but it has no idea who you want to buy it for.
Can I share the account with others?
While you should never really share a paid product with others on the internet (as they could steal it by changing your password/email), sharing your Supporter account is allowed.

You should be aware, however, that we have an automated system that attempts to detect abuse. It's a fairly lenient system, but if it thinks the account is being used by a large number of people your Supporter will be deactivated without warning.
What if I lose access to my account for any reason?
It's really up to you to keep your details safe, and up-to-date, however we will help you regain access.

You will be required to prove you purchased Supporter by providing a screenshot of your receipt, a rough date you purchased Supporter, and the email address you used to purchase it in a Private Message.
What happens if I buy more Supporter for an account?
Once payment is confirmed the extra time will be added on to the current remaining time automatically.

You don't even lose out for leap years as each year of subscriber will get you 365.25 days :)
I see a Discord feature is "Coming Soon", when is that going to be launched?
We can't give an ETA. It basically requires writing a Discord bot, and a backend for verifying users.

Hopefully, other parts of BDcraft permitting (i.e. making and updating the actual resourcepacks), it should be live in the coming months.
I have other questions
We will happily answer any other question. Please post them in this thread or join us on Discord.

Re: Supporter FAQ

Posted: 21 Jul 2018, 13:26
by Romaq
My wife would also like to be a supporter as she using BDCraft on her own separate computer, she just doesn't have a login. She has me do all the "dirty work" for her. Should I twist her arm and make her have a login she won't use, or is there a way to "double donate?"

Re: Supporter FAQ

Posted: 21 Jul 2018, 13:32
by HanFox
A login for her would be easier for her to have the same benefits without needing your details, but you can purchase more Supporter for an account to infinitum if you like.

Re: Supporter FAQ

Posted: 21 Jul 2018, 14:01
by Romaq
Her benefits would still amount to, "Honeydew fetch the resource pack for me. Honeydew install Optifine for me." I got the three year purchase, and we also paid for BDCraft on Marketplace (separately, since that is how that one works). Thank you for a great resource pack! It's like a massage for the eyeballs. :)

Re: Supporter FAQ

Posted: 17 Mar 2019, 00:00
by roberttazreiter