Returning MC player (Texture Pack issues)

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Post 23 Feb 2022, 17:04

Hi all,

I have been having this same issue for years and it honestly has been keeping from playing for a very long time. (I cannot stand the default look of minecraft)

I follow the the pack download and patching instructions to the letter but the packs never seem to work correctly I have been trying to get back into MC for years but always have the same issues.

Currently playing Magic world 2 (on FTB)
Minecraft 1.6.4

I followed the instructions on this site for patching texture packs and have watched god knows how many videos on the subject. Every time I hit this wall with texture packs and after hours of try to get them to work I give up and don't touch the game for another two years.

Any help anyone could offer would be very much appreciated.

UPDATE: Only the modded textures appear to be working, the vanilla blocks still look ugly as ever.
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Post 23 Feb 2022, 17:20

What exactly are you doing and what exactly is the issue you're having?

The guide on the website is basically "put zips in a folder, enable them in-game", so if it's not working for you you'll need to be a little more descriptive about what's not working :)

You can try posting your latest.log from your logs folder when you try to load the pack. That is usually a good place to start troubleshooting issues from.
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Post 24 Feb 2022, 16:15 

No worries buddy, I'm all sorted now.

Thank you for the swift reply
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