Cant't animate shields

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Post 29 Mar 2022, 20:01

So i'm working on an Upgraded Netherite Sphax Patch.

SO it seems a nice Idea to change the Texture of the Ultimerite Tools to be changing between all other Tools Colours, because it is a combination of all netherites together.

This work realy well on Sword, Shovel etc.

The problem now is the shield. I know the problem is the entity, i need Optifine and .properties instead of .mcmeta files.

So after this i write the .properties make a folder named optifine in the Texture Patch folder. But it still dont work. Cant find a Tutorial which can help.

I think the armor will get the same problem.

Thats what is in my .properties folder:







Is this right or did i mess up with my files?
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Post 30 Mar 2022, 09:18 

Looking at the OptiFine help docs I don't see any reason it wouldn't work, and as I've never tried these sorts of animations before I can only suggest you try asking over on the official OptiFine Discord:
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