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Post 25 Mar 2014, 16:02

1) move cubes/panes together
so if you click near a cube or plane, it will create a selection box, so you can select multiple objects at the same time and move them together, or maybe even change thei UV mapping together

2) quick way to move the camera
by some proffesional 3D programs when you click on the scroll wheel, it will make you able to move the camera, so this is basicly a shortcut to ctrl+shift+click

3) move only horizontal or vertical
when you press shift and then click on an object it will make you able to only move that object up and down or left and right, it depends if you go up or down first or left or right first

4)double click to set camera to default
when you double click on the scroll wheen, it will set your camera angle back to its start position

i hope you like some of those and that they get implemented :)
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Post 02 Apr 2014, 15:53 

1. To move several Elements, you need to use the Elements Manager Command "Move". Select several Elements, then Right Click and Select Move then enter where you want to move the selection.

2. Mouse Wheel will be used for the 3D View asap to move the Camera ahead. In version 0.5 Beta, you can move the Camera as any other Element (Left Click) or with Ctrl+Shift Keys

3. That's a nice idea but I need to find which key should be down to lock an axis... Suggestion?

4. In version 0.5 Beta, you can reset the camera with Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut
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