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"Malicious file" warning: an issue from Chrome itself

Posted: 20 Apr 2014, 18:02
by Sphax
If you downloaded Cubik with the Chrome (Chrome17 or higher), you've probably seen it saying Cubik is a Malicious file.

Sadly, this seems to be an issue from Chrome itself.

If you are interested and/or want to know more about this issue, I encourage you to read the following thread: ... -9JQIboUmc
jschuh (Google) wrote:Chrome 17 added reputation checking for executable downloads. You can find more information here: ... wsing.html
A user wrote:why Chrome detects my 100% clean exe as malicious(not as 'probably malicious', that I will be able to undestand, i.e. any EXE is _probably_ malicious), why truly spying program is marked as clean and what we can do now to "say" Chrome that our exe is ok
Many more threads like that exist and no solution have been answered yet from Google.
That "Malicious check" from Chrome is a nice idea but is not done correctly currently... And that make small publishers annoyed by this false positive warning, like

Please note: is a safe website and you can check that here: And - by the way - Cubik is a software which is now used by thousands of users (Cubik LITE + Cubik PRO) and nobody reported any bad thing about it (except some bugs ^^).