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Problems with license

Posted: 06 Jan 2017, 19:01
by Pbcer
Hello everyone,
i was not able to find section for customer support so ill leave my message here, appropriate forum section has been locked.

+-Two years ago i bought cubick license Mar 19, 2015, via paypal. You sent me an email with a direct link, where i was able to download the pro version - ?{hash}.

Now i returned to minecraft and i would like to download cubick again. However the link now redirects me to some website called

Im not able to log in because i dont think i ever had to create an account here. Searched my emailbox and not a single email was found (except the first one with the download link). I might use another email... but since it has been over a year i dont really remember.

Is there any chance for me how can i retrieve back my license and use the cubick pro again?

I contacted your customer support [email protected] , where i provided the paypal transaction id, but one week passed and i have still no reply.

Re: Problems with license

Posted: 06 Jan 2017, 19:24 
by HanFox
Please direct all question about Cubik to the new website: