Storage Drawers Extras

Archive of patch requests that have been completed or locked for various other reasons.
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Post 05 Dec 2017, 07:58

I know I just posted a request thread for PlusTiC, but the rules say to keep things separate, so I'm posting a separate thread.

I would appreciate it if someone made a patch for Storage Drawers Extras. It's quite jarring to see the difference between vanilla wooden drawers and Extras drawers with this resource pack.

Any takers?
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Post 23 Nov 2018, 03:34 

Hello GreenGhost,

Nova has completed this:
Completed Patches
> Nether Metals
> Ore Flowers
> Doge Mod
> Career Bees
> Base Minerals
> End Metals
> Equivalent Energistics
> Base Metals
> Loot Bags
> Netherending Ores
> Dense Metals