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Dynamic Trees

Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 18:26
by MauveCloud

The log/branch and leaf textures appear to be inherited, but the "rooty soil" block has an overlay specific to the mod, and there are separate textures for the seeds and the woodland staff. I am primarily interested in 128x size for the 1.12.2 version of the mod.

Re: Dynamic Trees

Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 12:41
by Horf
+1 ;)

Re: Dynamic Trees

Posted: 22 Apr 2019, 05:43
by Iteries
I like to request as well!! I just came across this mod today and wowwie! So going to give a crack at building a resource but I am not reliable on timely producing one, as I am a noob in creation.

Re: Dynamic Trees

Posted: 29 May 2019, 11:43 
by HanFox