Request for a couple mods that would be great to see textured

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Post 10 Feb 2019, 00:39

So, sphax has been the defacto texturepack for me for years, and while most of the mods I use are textured, there are a few that could really benefit from some textures, since they end up standing out compared to the rest of the world.

Embers is kinda the most important/interesting one, its a really pretty mod, with a similar atheistic style to Thaumcraft for its models. Id love to see what people here can do with it.

While Botania has a lovely patch for Sphax, one of the addons for it, ExtraBotany, sadly does not, which is a shame to see some Botania stuff looking so good, with the neat new extras not sharing the same visuals.

Finally, probably the largest mod of the three, Astral Sorcery. While it doesn't look that out of place in a Sphax textured world, seeing its beautiful models and blocks in the Sphax style would be awesome.

If someone could work on even just one of these, it would be immensely appreciated.
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Post 10 Feb 2019, 01:52 

As per the Rules please only post one request per thread and provide links to the mods.
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