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Post 11 Mar 2015, 18:11

Hello there :)

I wanted to buy BDCraft Cubik, but I don't know why the Pro Version of it
costs 17,60€ when you buy it with PaySafeCard and only 9,90€ with PayPal.
Could someone explain this to me, because I really would like to know where my money
will go if I buy it.
Another problem is that there are only 10€ and 25€ PaySafeCards, so it wouldn't be much money
lost when you buy it with a 10€ PaySafeCard. It's just the feeling, that I don't know where this money goes. I want to support Sphax and other people who developed this awesome kind of programm ;)
I think it's unfair if 9,90€ goes to the Developers and 7,70€ to "hipay". :-/
Hopefully this is the right place to post this topic :)

Thanks you, Crezyk!!
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Post 11 Mar 2015, 20:38 

You guessed it right.
Hipay and Paysafecards take a very big commission, that's why the price is way higher with Hipay than with PayPal.

It's recommended to pay with PayPal (note that you don't need to have a PayPal account).
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