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New subforum for abandoned patches?

Posted: 09 Dec 2015, 23:53
by MauveCloud
The rules of the patch requests subforum say this:
If you want to request an update or another resolution to an existing patch please post in the respective existing patch thread.
However, that doesn't help much when such posts go unanswered for multiple months, without even a post to confirm that the artist is still working on it.

Unfortunately, I have neither the artistic talent nor the time and energy to update or add to patches myself, but I expect that prospective texture artists might consider working on an abandoned patch less daunting than starting a new patch and less controversial than contributing to a still-in-progress patch.

Would it be possible to create a subforum for such patches? If so, I nominate the GregTech patch ( ... tml#p23537, almost 11 months since last artist post, slightly over 9 months since first subsequent update request) and the Per Fabrica Ad Astra: Geologica patch ( ... tml#p21455, over 13 months since last artist post, about 4 and a half months since first subsequent update request) to be moved there.

Re: New subforum for abandoned patches?

Posted: 10 Dec 2015, 02:36
by HanFox
So after my initial reply (in the spoiler below -- I still stand by what what I wrote) I continued to think about this issue.

Chiefly I think it's the language used that causes issues. The fact we have a group called "Artists" is off-putting in general. It suggests a particular skill or learning curve to being able to help and I think that's counter-intuitive. Whilst people who help a lot should be in a group it should probably one with less daunting language so I shall look at changing that.

However, as for making a whole new subforum for "Abandoned" patches I think that may look quite bad. It's like things have gone there to die and would likely put people off just as much.

I initially was thinking about a ticketing system (such as like with mods doing bug tracking) but I suspect that may either confuse general users or just be left just as ignored as the threads themselves.

I'm open to suggestions as to how to tackle the issue of highlighting out-of-date patches, but obviously not an entire subforum as I'm not sure it'd work any better than the actual Requests forum anyway.

I have no artistic temperament outside of the Pure textures. I don't understand why people hide behind that excuse. We have enough resources on the forum that you can learn to do things.

A new subforum won't suddenly revive all the lacking patches. It requires people to actually step up and stop relying on everyone else.

Currently Novamanaga is pretty much the only person doing things and that's because he actually wants to get them done. He's not an artist. He admits not all his work is stellar, but he tries and he gets stuff done.

Cluttering the forum with more useless subsections isn't going to light a fire under anyone's ass. If people want things done they need to put forth the effort and get them done.

As you said you have no time to makes patches... but surely you have time to play Minecraft (why else are you asking for updates)? Use some of that time to make a texture or two and help move things forward. Maybe people will want to actually help if they see things being worked on.

Re: New subforum for abandoned patches?

Posted: 10 Dec 2015, 17:22
by MauveCloud
You have a point in your initial reply. I should follow the motto of the lead character from Suikoden Tierkreis and try to make some textures myself before assuming I can't.

I've actually come up with some textures to add to the Geologica patch, which I will post there shortly.