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Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 01:40
by robotninjaman
The most unique Minecraft MMORPG experience.
Wynncraft is a unique MMO. You cannot build in it, but you can explore the world freely.


It contains:
- Quests
- Dungeons
- Huge world
- Unique weapons
- Bosses
- Unique classes
- Spells
- Skills
- Level system
- Trade system
- Pets
- Tons of hidden secrets
- Horse upgrade system
- Random swarm attack on towns
- Missions

... and much more!
I have been playing this server a lot lately and I am wondering If any one would be interested in making a patch for it. I understand that it would be a small project but, I cant texture that well

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Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 22:37
by robotthunder500
Well wynncraft uses default so you can just use the Sphax pack.

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Posted: 08 Jun 2014, 00:31
by robotninjaman
robotthunder500 wrote:Well wynncraft uses default so you can just use the Sphax pack.
I know that but it would be cool to have an actual spear, wand or even have a knife as shears

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Posted: 18 Jul 2014, 10:40
by robotthunder500
What resolution do you want?

-- 18 Jul 2014, 05:40 --

Here ya go, its 512x if ya want a diff resolution tell me and I'll resize it.


Posted: 28 Jun 2015, 07:50
by Aldershot2000
i would really like a bdcraft patch/pack for wynncraft so it can be more awesome.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 02:36
Can you make a 128x version please

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Posted: 22 Dec 2016, 05:59
by Scionoftruth
I took this OP's DL and Resized it. Idk if the reason why there wasn't any resize, is that the textures violate the rules, but I did want to try out the Sphaxify Tool. Which I had fun teaching myself setting it up and creating an UNIX environment in Windows.

-- edit --

Also @robotthunder500. Would it be possible for you to redo the background Gui for sphax, because it looks out of place as well as the soul points. Also the snow layer needs to be Invisible.


Posted: 22 May 2019, 21:42
by frekshadow
Recently got into Wynncraft with a buddy of mine. I honestly can't play Minecraft without PureBDCraft so I was Was hoping someone could update this to 1.13.2? It would be much appreciated if anyone had the time.