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Tekxit 2 & 3

Posted: 02 Nov 2018, 18:12
by MaCAppleZ
Hi guys,

I'm looking for the texture package for Tekxit 2 1.7.10. Please help me with this one I just can not find it. :'(

Tekxit 2 Link : ... c17.697965

ED: The existing Texture Pack link does not work anymore.

Re: Tekxit 2 1.7.10

Posted: 02 Nov 2018, 18:26
by HanFox
Please provide a link to the modpack page (and if a list doesn't exist of mods on said page a modlist) as per the Rules.

Tekxit 3 64x and/or 32x

Posted: 14 Dec 2018, 15:46
by Vorton
Hello all,

I have recently started playing a pack within the Tecnic launcher called Tekxit 3. I really enjoy it but I am finding it hard to play without Sphax. Installing just the main Minecraft texture pack and then coming across the modded blocks (a lot) is immersion breaking for me. I am hoping someone will be able to make a full Sphax pack for it. 128x or more makes my system a bit sluggish so I am in hopes I can get 64x or 32x

Here is the official site for the modpack: ... 22.1253751

And here is a link to the mod list: ... y4/pubhtml

I believe I have followed all the request rules, if not please let me know and I will change/add anything needed

Thanks so much,

Sphax for tekxit 3

Posted: 20 May 2019, 09:21
by wjb008
Id love for sphax to create a texture pack for tekxit 3
link: ... 22.1253751
I love texkit but hate the java textures, please save me

Re: Tekxit 2 & 3

Posted: 20 Jun 2019, 12:46 
by HanFox