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[128x/64x]More CTM v1.5

Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 14:08
by CadenDonuts




*Updated to Minecraft 1.5 texture system
-Removed unneeded textures from plank ctm
+Added random floor board ends
-Removed gold/iron block ctm
-Removed trapdoor fix
-Removed all unused texures
+Added weighted pressure plate textures
#Changed ladder randomness
#Fixed random rails (didn't work in Optifine, might just be MCPatcher)
+Added ctm jungle log top
+Added horizontal jungle logs
#Fixed random beds (didn't work in Optifine, might just be MCPatcher)
#Tweaked random snow textures
#Tweaked random sand textures
*Stonebrick silverfish texture doesn't work (go to \ctm\sphax_ctm\ in the base pack and rename 'stonebricksmooth' to 'block98' to fix)
#Made foo's gold rarer
+Mapped hopper side and bottom
#Changed random jukebox textures
+Added random iron bars (might change, I don't like it)
+Added vertical quartz pillars
#Animated random dragon egg textures
+Added 2x3 nether portal ctm textures

The Big List of "What does this do?":

block5 = oak planks
block5a = spruce planks
block5b = jungle planks
block5c = birch planks
random2 = random oak planks
random6 = random spruce planks
random10 = random jungle planks
random14 = random birch planks
block70 = stone pressure plate
block77 = stone button
block72 = wood pressure plate
block143 = wood button
block147 = gold pressure plate
block148 = iron pressure plate
ladder = ladders
rail = rails
workbench_top = crafting table top
block58 = crafting table bottom
web = cobweb
block60 = dry farmland
block60a = wet farmland
block73 = unlit redstone ore
furnace_top = furnace bottom
tree_top = oak log top
tree_top_a = spruce log top
tree_top_b = birch log top
tree_top_c = jungle log top
tree_top_calt = jungle log top alt (c isn't properly textured)
tree_jungle = jungle log side
bed_feet_top = bed top
cactus_top = cactus top
stonebricksmooth_carved = circle stone
snow = snow top
sand = sand top
block97 = stone silverfish
block97a = cobble silverfish
block97b = stonebrick silverfish
grass_top = grass top
cake_top = cake top
pumpkin_face = pumpkin carving
redstoneLight_lit = lit redstone lamp
melon_side = melon side
block61 = unlit furnace top
block62 = lit furnace top
block1 = fool's gold
block23 = dispenser top
hopper = hopper side
hopper_a = hopper bottom
jukebox_top = record
fenceIron = iron bars
quartzblock_lines = quartz pillars
dragonEgg = dragon egg
portal = nether portal

Re: [128x/64x]More CTM v1.5

Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 14:08
by CadenDonuts
I'll update the thread later.
If I remember.

Re: [128x/64x]More CTM v1.5

Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 21:14
by Aedaeum
Glad to see you still around Caden :)

Re: [128x/64x]More CTM v1.5

Posted: 24 Nov 2013, 02:31
by Redcat2401
Yay thanks for making this :D I'm using it right now =3

Re: [128x/64x]More CTM v1.5

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 09:14
by Sphax
This patch is very cool Caden. Thanks for that! :)

Re: [128x/64x]More CTM v1.5

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 18:57
by crumbl3d
Can anyone please update the op, Caden is lazy... :)