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[64x] SimpleGrinder [MC1.12]

Posted: 29 Aug 2017, 10:49
by Vermillion

Simple Grinder

"If you do not want to install a large mods for the multiplication of ores or If you want to learn just vanilla but do not want to lose the resources that my mod for you.It adds only 1 block that will allow you to multiply the ore. Grinder works on any combustible fuel.

Soon it will support all kinds of ores and their processing."

Notes: This WIP patch will likely remain WIP, like Immersive Engineering. Future credit goes to whoever decides to pick up where I left off, I just got the ball rolling since despite all the people wanting patches for new mods, no one wants to make new ones unless someone's already done it.
To that end, i'll be releasing 5-6 other WIP patches for people to take up (Roots, Embers, Psi, TechReborn, Rustic and this, Simple Grinder).

At this time, the mod support for SimpleGrinder is complete. It's a small mod with not many items and blocks; though in future it likely will have more items.


For 1.12




v1.0 - initial release.


Sphax and people. Because who knows who makes what textures these days. Everything is a derivative work.

Re: [64x] SimpleGrinder [MC1.12]

Posted: 16 Jul 2018, 20:25
by Silverrain
Sad :( Link is down... is there a possibility to have an 32X Version? so it would run smoother on "Not-from-the-Nasa-PCs"

Re: [64x] SimpleGrinder [MC1.12]

Posted: 05 Jan 2019, 01:36
by Vermillion
Fixed link.