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[128x] Ores Above Diamonds [MC1.12]

Posted: 10 Jun 2020, 16:28
by Kedmun

Ores Above Diamonds

Adds the Amethyst and Black Opal, late-game gems that are far rarer than diamonds, yet also noticeably more powerful.


There is no black opal star armour at this time



10th June, 2020: Initial release


Sphax - adapted textures from main pack

Re: [128x] Ores Above Diamonds [MC1.12]

Posted: 10 Jun 2020, 17:25
by HanFox
You may want to go through the zip and delete any _MAXOSX folders, and .DS_Store files as they can sometimes contain information related to your computer.

You may also want to provide previews, as per the patch Rules thread.

If you ever complete the patch, please let me know and then I can move it to the Releases for Mods section.

Re: [128x] Ores Above Diamonds [MC1.12]

Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 09:45
by Kedmun
Thank you, HanFox :) I will make sure to check the rules thread whenever I upload now. Thank you again. I'll also do that. I forgot that MacOS did that when compressing, :facepalm: