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Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.14]

Posted: 17 Nov 2019, 05:59
by Destinesia
I figured out the color issue. Seems I needed to turn off Video Settings > Quality > Custom Colors in Optifine.

Edit: post about color issue hasn't been approved yet

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.14]

Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 19:59
by Esoteric
Bamboo 64x on 1.12.2 seems to be too small, in the corners there a gap you can see thru

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.14]

Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 20:26
by Novamanga
Fixed the latest 1.12 version. I never made these, I just updated things. The fix should sort it.

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.14]

Posted: 29 Jan 2020, 16:07
by Novamanga
So as Biomes O Plenty has released for MC1.15 I have made some patches.

Biomes O Plenty for MC1.15 I'll try to keep these up to date as they update.

Enjoy :)


Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.15]

Posted: 06 Apr 2020, 06:44
by unclesam139
Hi Novamanga,

there is a new version of Biomes O' Plenty and they have changed some textures and added new stuff. It would be awesome if you could update this fantastic mod.

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.15]

Posted: 06 Apr 2020, 07:23
by Novamanga
Update - MC 1.15 downloads now updated to Ver

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.15]

Posted: 06 May 2020, 22:11
by BabyDabbleMLP
Quick question.... do you intent to do a BDCraft Better Leaves for BOP? Also, I'm assuming this is Vanilla BDCraft based? is there one done with the Pure BDCraft oak leaves for the flowering oak?

I apologize if any of this has been asked before. I feel awful today and didn't look super thoroughly through the posts....

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.15]

Posted: 18 Aug 2020, 02:16
by nosiphus
I have been in the process of updating the connected textures I made for the wood variants and other blocks to 1.16.1, as well as adding some textures for new items.

I have run into an issue with the Origin Grass Block. The block has been changed to use its own textures instead of just directing to the default ones. If Better Grass is enabled, the normal side variant is overriden by the normal BDcraft grass texture, which in an of itself isn't a problem.

The problem is that the default texture appears with no color, and I have absolutely no idea of how to work around this. This issue persists in every biome and regardless of whether custom colors is enabled or not. If someone more experienced with OptiFine metadata knows how to deal with this, please let me know.

Image Image

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.15]

Posted: 18 Aug 2020, 22:26
by nosiphus
The issue in the previous post aside, I have been working on some additions to this patch alongside the main BDcraft patch. I have assembled them here. This patch was tested against the 1.16.1 release, so I don't know if it will work the same for 1.15.

On top of the original 1.15 patch, this includes:

black sand and its sandstone variants

connected wood textures (these need to be redrawn; I couldn't find the edgeless versions of the textures in the normal BOP patch)

fence textures from 1.12 (I removed the unimplemented wood variants)

textures for origin grass (these are slightly modified versions of the old base grass texture; I couldn't use a redirect because they required color and the old assets in the main pack are gray)

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.15]

Posted: 26 Aug 2020, 14:20
by Smiligo
can i use the 1.15 TP for 1.16?