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[128x/64x/32x] Biomes O' Plenty [MC1.5 - 1.15]

Posted: 06 Oct 2013, 16:08
by Sir Oldie
Biomes O' Plenty makes the Minecraft world much more interesting by adding many new biomes, blocks and items.


for MC1.15 by Novamanga

for MC1.14 by Novamanga

for MC1.12 by Novamanga

v6.0.1.2145 for MC1.11 by Novamanga

v5.0.0.2080 for MC1.10.2 by Novamanga

v4.1.0.2059 for MC1.9.4 & MC1.10.2 by Novamanga

v3.0.0.2004 for MC 1.8 by Novamanga

for MC1.7.10 by Linyor and Novamanga

for MC1.7.2 by Linyor

v1.1.3.232 and above by joeknek

MC1.5.x by Mr.Scales




01:30 - 06/10/2013 - Initial post created
11:49 - 06/10/2013 - To-Do list added
16:08 - 06/10/2013 - 1.5.x Downloads added
21:08 - 08/10/2013 - Post fixed and changed some info
13:17 - 12/10/2013 - Added a working folder
13:31 - 12/10/2013 - Updated the 'What's Left?' section
14:28 - 13/10/2013 - Updated the 'What's Left?' section and credits
15:29 - 13/10/2013 - Updated the working folder
16:08 - 13/10/2013 - Fixed gem frame placement texture and uploaded flat mushroom texture
10:08 - 19/10/2013 - Updated What's Left?, working folder and credits
10:16 - 19/10/2013 - Added BonaireDream's square gems in items_alt folder
01:33 - 20/10/2013 - Finished textures
15:27 - 20/10/2013 - Added new textures
16:24 - 20/10/2013 - Uploaded complete 1.6.x patch
22:46 - 25/10/2013 - Uploaded the fixed 1.6.x patches
02:02 - 26/10/2013 - Uploaded Mr.Scales's 1.5.x 64x port
13:13 - 27/10/2013 - Updated Mr.Scales's 1.5.x 64x/128x port
03:58 - 29/10/2013 - Remove the 1.5.x patch by snake2332 as it is now redundant
18:48 - 18/08/2014 - Added updated links for MC1.6.4 and MC1.7 by joeknek
14:26 - 01/09/2014 - Add woods (sacredoak & mahogany); correction of the texture : honeycomb.png; correcting size : crystal.png, overgrownnetherrack1/2/3.png, earth.png, plank-hell.png; Renaming file "mods" to "mobs"
22:57 - 02/05/2015 - Update to MC1.7 patch by Novamanga
12:32 - 04/01/2016 - Update to MC1.8 v3.0.0.1597 patch by Novamanaga
20:43 - 07/08/2016 - Update to MC1.8 v3.0.0.2004 and MC1.9.4 & MC1.10.2 v4.1.0.2059 patch by Novamanaga
16:39 - 31/08/2016 - Update to MC1.10.2 v5.0.0.2080 patch by Novamanaga
18:06 - 09/03/2017 - Update to MC1.11 by Novamanaga
20:03 - 05/06/2018 - Update to MC1.12 by Novamanaga
16:07 - 31/10/2018 - Update to MC1.12 v7.0.1.2393 by Novamanga
22:45 - 07/01/2019 - Update to MC1.12 v7.0.1.2408 by Novamanga
10:56 - 19/08/2019 - Update to MC1.14 by Novamanga
17:31 - 29/01/2020 - Update to MC1.15 by Novamanga


Sphax - Used some stuff from particles, recolured and used base textures
_Rein20_ - Original BoP patch, wheatgrass
maldicion069 - Armour textures and few items
SPARKST3R - The palm trees
HanFox - Some flowers and leaves & rubber boot texture
maldicion069 - Mobs
snake2332 - 0.5.2 patch
IamProvocateur- Large portion of textures
Daverball - Rainbow Flower with animation
BonaireDreams - Alternate square gems
Mr.Scales - 1.5.x port(128x/64x)
joeknek - 1.6.4 updates and 1.7 64x port
Linyor - 1.7.2 and 1.7.10 updates
Novamanaga - 1.7.10 and over updates

Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 06 Oct 2013, 20:16
by BonaireDreams
Hey Sir Oldie,

Looked at your WIP today and noticed that the ores are missing.
There is a WIP (First post on Page 3) here: ... 15-20.html The download is in the post.

That has the ore blocks already added.

Might be worth including those to save time.

Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 06 Oct 2013, 20:57
by Sir Oldie
BonaireDreams wrote:Hey Sir Oldie,

Looked at your WIP today and noticed that the ores are missing.
There is a WIP (First post on Page 3) here: ... 15-20.html The download is in the post.

That has the ore blocks already added.

Might be worth including those to save time.
Thank you very much :)

I shall add those tomorrow, off for a brew and an episode of Miranda :D

Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 07 Oct 2013, 21:28
by Zakol
Yes! Good to see that someone finally decided to start proper work on this! Well done in continuing these textures, updating the patch, and your excellent taste in television shows!

Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 08 Oct 2013, 16:48
by IamProvocateur
Im definitely in for working with you on this I had already started before I knew about it but YAY! Sent you a PM with my stuff.

Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 09 Oct 2013, 17:04
by BonaireDreams
I did all the gems last night.

I went with a square gem texture that had already been made so they are different than the round versions of Ruby and sapphire.

Then I coloured them based on the colors from the Vanilla textures.
They turned out pretty slick!!

I couldn't get dropbox to install on my PC last night so will try again today.

Or if you want to pm me I can zip them up and email them to you.
Will try to post a screenshot tonight as well.

Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 09 Oct 2013, 19:42
by IamProvocateur
I should have updated this thread I guess with what I have completed? I don't want to cause anyone to do double work - but I have been working on this for a week or so pretty much non stop and am almost done. I apologize - I'm completely new to this process.

I have the following completed either from my own work or it was included in a previous patch:
Amethyst armor and tools
Mud armor and tools
Black, blue, and brown dyes
Amethyst Bucket
Amethyst Bucket Springwater
Bucket - Liquid Poison
All scythes
All gem items, ores, blocks, and frames
All wood logs, planks, and leaves
Holy grasses, tree, leaves, cobble, brick, and stone
Crystal (animated)
Celestial lens
Spring Water (animated)
Liquid Poison (animated)
Bamboo thatching
Icy Iris
Water Lily (lilyflower)
Lily of the Valley

Ill be working on this tonight as well - perhaps we could all work on particular pieces so not as to overlap? Ive been working on flora mostly - I could stick to that. I only have a few flowers and grasses to go.

-- 09 Oct 2013, 14:42 --

Heres a screen shot of the blocks and items that as to my knowledge remain un-textured. All of the mobs, projectiles etc I believe are already complete.


Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 10 Oct 2013, 00:11
by BonaireDreams
Hey IamProvocateur

Here is a link to the Gems I did if you wanted to check them out.

Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 10 Oct 2013, 03:44
by IamProvocateur
Im going to post everything ive done then we can collectively decide which versions we wanna go with LOL - I like your gems! But I think they are kinda dark and different from the rest of the patch. I think theyd probably look real good with the grunge pack though - as a thought ;) Heres one of the ones I did.... I tried to make all of my stuff look like the Sphax stuff and blend as seamlessly as I could.

Or do we just present alternates? Again new to the process...


Re: [1.5.x][1.6.x][128x-32x]Biomes O' Plenty

Posted: 10 Oct 2013, 13:50
by BonaireDreams
I like that gem!! That is much closer to the feel of Sphax.
I just used an existing gem texture and recolored for the differnt types.
Mainly because I was tired of seeing the 16bit gems in amongst all my other stuff in my ME system. LOL