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Re: [512x - 32x] Malisis Doors [MC1.7 - MC1.12]

Posted: 28 Apr 2020, 20:40
by Novamanga
Ok, just so you understand. The item textures have absolutely no bearing on what the textures look like in the world. This is taken care of by the textures in the blocks folder. The item textures are only for JEI and crafting. Also the reason there is a Minecraft folder included in the latest version is to override what Sphax has done with the 1.12 pack and the 3D model for the door. If I don't override this none of the Malisis door would work in game without trying to use the 3D model. To make sure this works you have to put the patch / modpack above the BDcraft texture pack in the resources menu. Hope this helps.

Re: [512x - 32x] Malisis Doors [MC1.7 - MC1.12]

Posted: 29 Apr 2020, 09:33
by DigitalData
Makes sense with the item not changing the block model texture, it's just me being too sensitive to detail. I just replaced it with the item texture found in purebdcraft32x's texture wood_door.

I ran into an issue with the model in the blocks folder as well. If I placed my doors in the mc-world, the texture for the upper portion would invert like so (I'd need an hour to recreate the pack before I fixed it so I just replicated roughly in aseprite):
I'd need to test more, but I believe that this issue arises when the animations are disabled in the malisis doors config. I just copied the upper and lower texture from the vanilla texture pack into the assets of the patch and rearchived it. That fixed the issue, but it makes me wonder why the texture inverted like that in the first place...

I love your work, btw. I always use sphax textures for minecraft (even if it lags the heck out of my modpacks lol).