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[128x/64x/32x] Cooking for Blockheads [MC1.7 - MC1.12]

Posted: 18 Jul 2016, 19:43
by Novamanga

Adds a cooking book to Minecraft that will only show recipes that you can currently make with the things you carry in your inventory. Also adds an optional upgraded version of the book that can craft the foods right away bysimply clicking on the recipes.

There's also five new blocks that together form a Multiblock Kitchen Structure. It consists of the main component, the Cooking Table, which is the book in block-form and uses the other Multiblock Kitchen parts, the Cooking Oven, which can smelt food items only and provides smelting ability to the Cooking Table, the sink which provides water for recipes, the tool rack which can be used to store tools for recipes and the fridge, where you can store all your ingredients.

It was made with Pam's Harvestcraft (and all the other mods that add lots of new food) in mind, as it can get quite overwhelming if you're just starting out in your journey of becoming a kitchen master.


Ver 6.4.x on for MC 1.12
For earlier 1.12 versions use the MC1.11 patches

Ver 5.3.20 for MC 1.11

Ver 3.1.26 for MC 1.9 - 1.10

Ver 2.0.2 for MC 1.8.9

Ver 1.0.134 for MC 1.7.10




17 June 2018 - Added downloads for MC 1.12 Ver 6.4.x onwards. Oven GUI has changed and upgrade textures added.
14 June 2017 - Updated 1.9 and 1.10 version. Added Counter door texture. Added downloads for MC 1.11
18 July 2016 - Initial release for MC 1.7.10, MC 1.8.9, MC 1.9.4 and MC 1.10.2

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Cooking for Blockheads [MC1.7 - MC1.10]

Posted: 20 Jul 2016, 07:16
by QKougaming
Awesome i am really thankful :)

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Cooking for Blockheads [MC1.7 - MC1.10]

Posted: 31 Jul 2018, 14:21
by Tynot
Issue with the textures. this is the latest version of the mod, for 1.12.2

Re: [128x/64x/32x] Cooking for Blockheads [MC1.7 - MC1.12]

Posted: 31 Jul 2018, 15:51
by Novamanga
Texture wise there are no changes in the latest version. This must be being caused by the mod itself. There is nothing I can do. Raise this on Curseforge for the mod author to have a look in to.