[64x] EnderIO [MC1.7 - 1.12]

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Post 10 Dec 2013, 20:14

A full-sized tech-mod which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access, transceivers and more.


for MC1.12

v5.1.55+ by Novamanga v5.0.38 onwards - not backwards compatible with any previous version v5.0.29 onwards - not backwards compatible with any previous version v5.0.25 not backwards compatible with any previous version

for MC 1.10.2

for MC 1.7.10
v2.3.0.424 v2.3.0.407 v2.3.0.388+ BETA for v2.2.8.367+ for v2.2.7.331+ up to v2.2.2.292


Screenshots from Ender IO V2.3 beta



29th Mar, 2020
Added Novamanga's updated files for MC1.12

28th Nov, 2019
Re-worked conduits into new layout, because of this, this patch is not backwards compatible.
Re-coloured energy conduits to match their recipe ore counterparts
Textured 2 new items - the Soul filter and Big Soul filter

15th Oct, 2019
Re-added Refined Storage conduits which were removed by accident
Reverted Ender Fluid conduits to match the rest
Changed the Item conduit and Ender Fluid conduit animations

1st Oct, 2019
Update by Novamanga not 100% sure what he did but from the looks of it most machines I was struggling with (the adv ones) and various items have been done.

Thanks Nova

21st July, 2019
EnderIO-1.12.2-5.0.29 or newer Only
Gave Infinity Bimetal gear some noise so it differentiates from Iron gears from other mods.
Added Ender Tools & Armor
Re-textured End Steel Ingot to match tools & Armor colors

Blockstates folder is no longer required and if present from a prev BDCraft download will cause missing textures on the powered spawners.

Working on Enhanced machines, the indents are causing me headaches (see to do list at bottom of this post).

3rd June, 2018
Added Owl Egg
Added 2 redstone circuits
Added Staff of Levity

Thanks NovaManga

30th May ,2018
Added XP Vacuum GUI
Added Open Computers Conduits
Added the following textures from NovaManga
  • 3x Thermal Expansion grinding balls
  • Replaced Material Dyes
  • Replaced Machine Chassis's
  • Added Guardian Diode
  • Added Spare Keys
  • Replaced Fluid Filter
  • Replaced Photovoltaic powder
  • Updated Simple machine blocks
  • Added End steel block
  • Added crafter blocks
  • Added dark steel trapdoor
  • Added Impulse Hopper
  • Added Industrial Insulation block
  • Added Wired Charger block
  • Added Wireless Charger block
  • Added about 8 missing GUIs
  • Probably more than this list, can't remember them all, thank you Nova
29th May, 2018
Textures built against EnderIO-1.12.2-5.0.25.jar

All conduits have been retextured, since these conduit textures are different size and shape to any previous Ender IO build this makes this release incompatible with any previous version or release of Ender IO. Thanks to CyanideX for the texture inspiration.

Adjusted VAT power bar GUI

Added EnderZoo textures since the mods are in the process of merging, these textures have been taken straight from the EnderZoo BDCraft release by NovaManga

Changed power bar from black to purple inline with the mod change

Still work to do when I get chance

14th May, 2018
Textures built against EnderIO-1.12.2-5.0.400-nightly.jar

Fixed dark steel helmet (unempowered) not showing
Added night vision visor to empowered texture
Fixed Conduit GUIs (they were renamed and in some cases changed)
Fixed Simple alloy smelter WIP texture
Fixed all conduit cores (they were made smaller)
Added new machine chassis textures
Added new redstone filter textures
Added new dyes
Added new powder coatings

5th April 2018
Added base textures for simple machines with existing borders and animations (still to work on the borders and animations but ran out of time today).

3rd April 2018
Initial port from 1.10 to 1.12
Reworked a lot of GUIs they are by no means complete yet.
All prev blocks ported over - new blocks not done yet
All prev items ported over - some new stuff done (thanks Nova), some still to do.

Likely to change
Not happy with the infinity powder (it's too busy)
Not happy with the power bar being black although the updated mod works off infinity power which is harvested from bedrock.

28th Feb 2017
Replaced Enchanter GUI (already done by Nova)
Clean up of old files no longer used

14th Jan 2017
Kinda fixed the magnet, it's still not right but better than what it was.

Textured Zombie Gen
Textured Killer Joe
Replaced Ardite and Cobalt Dusts (pinched from Tinkers Construct :))
Fixed Pulsating Iron and Vibrant blocks

THANK YOU NOVA for the Capacitor Bank GUI (with 2 minor changes) and Baubles GUI

Redownload, for now (until tomorrow) it has baubles in the zip.

13th Jan 2017
Taken some textures NovaManga did from the Sky Factory 3 download - thanks
- Combustion Gen
- Teleporter
- Alloy Smelter

Created New textures for:-
- XP Vacuum
- Graphical Power Monitor (not 100% finished)
- Inventory Panel Sensor
- Special loot only capacitors

Fixed one side of Crafter

- Fixed Teleporter GUI
- New Inventory Panel Sensor
- New Power monitor + Power monitor 2 (2nd and 3rd tabs)

This is by no means finished but I spent the last 8 hrs tidying up and fighting with the 3d models in the blocks. The Download contains the JSON files, please retain these as they contain fixes and preferences to the textures.

I'm aware the magnet is broken.

23rd March
Added textures done by Nova
Updated Endercore widget so new GUI icons have dimming
Probably other stuff but can't remember

25th Aug
Not even going to try and explain what's changed there's so many little bits here and there particularly GUI related. However this version does come with EnderCore since the widget buttons moved there.
What I can tell you is this version fixes:-
Capacitor bank GUI
Powered Spawner GUI
Telepad GUI
Travel GUI
It's likely that the download for EnderIO v2.3.0.407 will work with slightly older versions when EnderCore came into effect.

14th June
Major overhaul of 2.2 textures into 2.3 beta textures, too many changes to list
Added new models by rrongol
Added Inv panel GUI
Added Telepad GUI
Added Weather Obelisk GUI
Added Wheat Dust
Added Dark Steel Shears
Removed old conduit filters/upgrades and added new texture (based off AE2 texture by Hanfox)

20th April
Unless I missed something this will likely be the last update before the next major release of EIO.
Added PowderedObsidian
Added Downgrade upgrade (lol)
Added Hardened Facade
Removed a number of redundant textures no longer used

2nd Feb
Item conduit GUI changed
Fluid/mob filer GUI changed
SliceNSpice GUI aligned (will be out of alignment if using older than EnderIO-1.7.10- version)
Cleaned up Item mod filter
Added Chargeable Item Filter
Cleaned up tabs (and fixed 2) in Dimensional Transceiver GUI
Updated several items on Widgets

21st Jan
Added Buffer block textures
Added Buffer GUIs
Fixed recipe button in GUIs

12th Jan
Updated Farming Station GUI
Updated Widgets

12th Dec
Updated to latest version with new cap banks (thanks Novamanga) this is now version specific, so make sure you choose the correct one.

9th Dec
Updated Slice n Spice and Alloy furnace GUIs - line up perfectly with the latest version of EIO

29 Nov
"Cleaned up" and aligned fronts of certain machines (Alloy Smelter, Sag Mill, Stirling Gen)

28 Nov
Too many changes to list, that said EIO is now entirely textured thanks to Novamanga
Version specific changes:
- Widgets updated to take into account AE cables
- GUIs got "minor" tweaks so depending on what version you're using things maybe slightly off (I mean like pixel slightly)
- Pack shipped with 3 versions of the capacitor bank GUI in case you are using a really old version
- there's 1 or 2 item textures I really need to redo (mod item filter is one)
- Dense ME conduit maybe untextured depending on what version you are using (is Mod WIP)

18 Nov
And AE conduits are back just to confuse matters.
Updated widgets
Added SlicenSpice/SoulInfuser/Dimensional Transceiver GUIs (had to go with a diff GUI for Dim Trans due to cut&pasting by mod author)
Added missing crystals
Added Zombie head items
Added Soul vessel

Blocks - now those of you that know me, know I'm not very good at block textures, I've experimented with the Alloy Smelter, not sure I like it and yes you may have seen this texture in Thaumcraft.
Updated SAG Mill - cleaner, newer front
Updated Painting machine front
Added SlicenSpice front - don't like this expect it to change
Completed all ore blocks

10 Oct
This gets the NEW download link as the widgets changed partway through for the Yeta Wrench, when Crazypants removed the AE one and added the gas one.
Added Dark steel armor models (so it looks correct on you)
Updated Item filter GUI to include background textures for filter options
Updated widgets to give correct filter for Yeta Wrench
Added Soularium ingot
Added Mod item filter
Added Reinforced Obsidian
Added Tank blocks
Added/Cleaned up Fused quartz and glass blocks
Added various ore blocks (not all done)
Probably did some more bits n bobs I can't remember since Aug

The NEW download has some EnderIO 2.1 WIP textures, if you use 2.1 you may see some partly textured blocks. 2.1 is going to be difficult to texture as Crazypants has joined the cut/stretch/hacknslash textures together group.

22nd Aug
Adjusted Alloy Smelter and Sag Mill GUIs
Added Killer Joe GUI
Updated Widgets
Added Ender Fluid Conduit
Added Gliders (taken from Open Blocks and re-coloured)
Added Enderman Skull
Added New Liquid textures
Removed Item conduit animation to save FPS (big improvement)

15th Aug
Power Monitor front
Powered Spawner front (not brilliant but best I could come up with)

2nd Aug
Changed farming station GUI
Added sound effect to widgets

11th July
Reverted Hooch liquid back to default because I either did it wrong or the mod is bugged link
Textured Tank tops
Textured Hungry chest
Textured Travel thingy block
ninja'd in matthewb117 most excellent solar panels (which look exactly like the RP2 solars :P )


Novamanga - big thanks and big update from Nova completing the pack
rrongol - new models
Textures taken from Mekanism, Buildcraft & Thaumcraft

To do list 2018


List of things that need doing:-

Redo textures for Sag Mill, Slice N Spice, Sterling Gen and all buffer blocks (new indents causing textures to look bad).
New textures for Enhanced machines
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Post 10 Dec 2013, 22:02

Bronze, tin, copper, coal dusts wrong colours please match with another mods and keep uniform.

Gold, Iron dust wrong sizes.

Please don't package original textures in a download, if someone takes the 64x and downsizes it the original textures turn into blobs.

You've items in the resource pack no longer used by enderIO (like blue steel), so you can remove a lot and make the work lighter.
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Post 11 Dec 2013, 13:38

Nice feedback, thanks.
I don't it's compulsory to use the same dust colour? Do you??
Blue steel is no longer in EnderIO? Ok will fix.
Thanks for the help :)
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Post 11 Dec 2013, 14:53

While it's not compulsory to use the same dusts/ingots/ores it does look somewhat dreadful in NEI when a recipe starts doing it's weird little disco dance show.

It also helps people to easily see what's what. If all the "copper dusts" are the same texture then you can easily associate it from pack to pack.

Moreover, it just simply makes more sense, as you're not drawing new textures, you're just recolouring other textures. If you'd sat down and designed a brand new dust then fine, but you're not.
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Post 11 Dec 2013, 16:03

Ok, got it
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Post 14 Dec 2013, 14:50

Keep up the good work.

One thing i've noticed is the new Item Conduit and Empowered Item Conduits have glitched textures (purple/black blocks). I'm using the old 128x version, so you may have already fixed this. :)
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Post 14 Dec 2013, 16:15

Lower resolutions would be cool to be able to test the new fixed stuff.
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Post 14 Dec 2013, 21:31

yh sure man.
Will get to them during christmas.
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Post 19 Dec 2013, 12:23

I've been working on this mod as a "pet" project trying to texture my first complete mod, however what I always knew is that I don't possess the talent like most of the other elite texturers who texture for this pack.

So here's what I did, feel free to take what you want from it or use it in its entirety, I claim no groundbreaking new textures and have taken a lot from other mods.

Thanks again Hanfox for putting up with me quizzing you left right and centre :D

** Removed link since it's really old and not relevant anymore.

I've taken images from, lets see - Buildcraft, RedPower, Mekanism, thermal expansion, binnie mods, IC2 and probably some others :)

I've also created some of my own (for the first time).

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Post 20 Dec 2013, 08:46

Very kind of you.
Thank for the hard effort.
Will add to the OP
Rockawill-Textures like a 4 year old on paint
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