[128x/64x/32x] Enhanced Portals 2 and 3 [MC1.6.4 and 1.7.2]

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Post 29 Jan 2014, 02:21

EnhancedPortals started out as a mod designed to give you a bit more customization for your Nether portals. You could increase the size, shape, or change it's colour. EnhancedPortals 3 takes this even further by leaving behind the focus of being a fully functional, boring, Nether portal.

Do you like some other portal mods, but feel that lack certain functionality, customization, or are way too easily achievable for instantaneous transportation? EnhancedPortals 3 tries to solve all of these issues by offering up some unique and powerful features.


Enhanced Portals 3 for MC v1.7
Ver 3.0.12 for MC 1.7.10 Ver 3.0.0b Final 2 Ver 3.0.0b5e

Enhanced Portals 3 for MC v1.6.4
Version 3.0.0b Final Version 3.0.0b5e

Enhanced Portals 2 for MC1.6.2 by Dragitzu


Enhanced Portals


23 Dec 2015 - Added download for Ver 3.0.12. Now with added diamond nugget
04 Jan 2015 - Added downloads and previews for Enhanced Portals 2 compiled by Dragitzu
12 June 2014 - Added download for 1.7.2 Version 3.0.0b Final 2
10 June 2014 - Added download for 1.6.4 Final release. GUI's completely remade.
26 May 2014 - Taken over patch from Sillyman34. Added updated downloads for 1.7.2 and 1.6.4


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Post 29 Jan 2014, 04:52

Looks awesome so far!!!!!
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Post 29 Jan 2014, 18:21

looking really good dude! can't wait to get my hands on this patch! :D
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Post 30 Jan 2014, 00:13

Looks great to me....so....I hope this is the feedback you were wanting/expecting, cuz, it's all I got! LOL :)
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Post 30 Jan 2014, 01:12

I'm guessing no one else actually downloaded the textures and examined them. So here's some more "fine-toothed comb" feedback :)

You need to sharpen up the inner shadows. BDcraft doesn't have much blur to the shading. It's relatively stark lines.

I would also think twice about only having 1px lines at 128x. While it is the recommended resolution about 50% of the community uses 64x and a 1px line divided by 2 basically becomes nothing visually. It isn't desperate though and if it destroys the look of the texture you can forgo it.

You may also want to try some glow around any of the raised parts to actually try to give more of an illusion of height, but it doesn't always make it look better.

Lastly you need to find a way to remove the semi-transparent pixels from the edges. Minecraft doesn't like them and sometimes converts them oddly. There is a PhotoShop action in this thread towards the bottom of the OP.
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Post 18 Feb 2014, 22:13

Thanks for your work on the patch! One suggestion is to work on the dimentional bridge stabilizer first since the frames can be painted with any other textures using the brush while the bridge stabilizer can't and is ugly as hell.
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Post 08 Mar 2014, 15:11

I would like to ask if someone is still on this mod, if not i would try to put some textures from Enhanced portals 2 into a pack so that most of the blocks would have a texture.So far I got every portal Block and the standart texture of the portal color(inside) I got some textures for the portal(inside) but even in the right folder i cant get them to work. I also took the iron block from the sphax alternate textures (a bit darker than the original one) and used it for the bridge stabilizer. I cant do the textures myself so someone would need to do a few items and gui's and this Addon would be Completet. :)
I also took every existing item,gui and blocks out of this pack and added the other ones From the enhanced portals 2 theard

Edit1: I almost solved the problem with the portal (inside,not the frame) just need to make some adjustments to the gui where you can change the portal color
Edit2: My problem was within the mod version I used, it is fixed in the newest one, basically we would only need a few gui's and items to be added/made but I cant make them myself, I am not that creative or good in these kind of things I am going to put my "Fix" up later today or maybe tomorrow, if someone wants to make the rest feel free to do so :)
Edit3: A bit more of gui's/items that need to be Textured than i thought (with the path or dictionary where they are in the mod and where they need to be in the texturepack, I would be Glad if someone could do that

assets/enhancedPortals/alzlib/textures/gui/ :
elements.png (missing)

enhancedPortals/textures/gui :
goggles.png (missing)
biometric.png (missing)
colourinterface.png (missing)
diminsionalBridgeStabalizer.png (missing)
glyph_2.png (missing)
guide.png (missing)
modulaManipulator.png (missing)
networkinterface.png (missing)
portalController.png (missing)
redstoneInterface.png (missing)
scanner.png (missing)
transfer.png (missing)

blankPortalModule.png (missing)
blankUpgrade.png (missing)
goggles.png (missing)
guide.png (missing)
handheldScanner.png (missing)
portalModule_0.png (missing)
portalModule_1.png (missing)
portalModule_2.png (missing)
portalModule_3.png (missing)
portalModule_4.png (missing)
portalModule_5.png (missing)
portalModule_6.png (missing)
portalModule_7.png (missing)
upgrade_0.png (missing)
upgrade_1.png (missing)
upgrade_2.png (missing)
upgrade_3.png (missing)
upgrade_4.png (missing)
upgrade_5.png (missing)
upgrade_6.png (missing)
upgrade_7.png (missing)

Goggles.png (missing)

Trying to get a donwload button working, but i think i am to stupid for that O.o gonna make a spoiler with a dropbox link then, hope that is okay
Edit5: Link will be updated in a few minutes.
Edit6: Updated! Exept for the missing textures (item and gui's listed above) this pack is good to go for the newest 1.6.4 (v3.0.0 b 5c at the moment at least) Enjoy :)


Picture to show what is already done
Right Click --> display/show image/grafic (My browser isGerman so i am not sure if it is called like that ;)) to be able to read the signs

If I made formal/gramatical mistakes I would appreciate if you ignore them or help me correct them
Greets from Germany ;)

Edit7: Changed the Bridge stabilizer from the alternate iron block Texture to the existing one above(where I finished the rest) Pic comming soon

Right Click --> display/show image/grafic (My browser isGerman so i am not sure if it is called like that ;)) to be able to read the signs
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Post 11 Mar 2014, 15:11

the alzlib folder needs to go outside of the enhancedportals folder :)
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Post 11 Mar 2014, 19:13

@Daxtillion If you're not able to do textures on this mod, I will hand it over to someone else, as it seems xF4m3 would like to take this over.

@xF4m3 If you would like to take this over permanently, let me know and I'll give you ownership of this thread.
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Post 12 Mar 2014, 22:29

@Aedaeum Nah I dont think I will take it over because I cant texture myself, I just used what i could find in the net so we have atleast decent textures aslong as there is no completet one. I hate it when I play modded Mc (especially FTB) when I have blocks that are not textures, they bug me somehow and when I found the Enhanced portals 2 Texture addon and saw that most blocks were already made , just in one giant .png because that's how it was in 1.5.2 before we got single .png's for every block, I split that giant .png into singel ones, took the existing portal animations and used the Stablilizer from here and cut it, rotated it as I needed for the files and put erverything in the right dictionary. I would add all things to that Pack bit by bit when some people would texture them but I think when they can make textures they also know where they belong :P so i don't want to take it over.Also I tend to get all fired up on something when I just got to know it and after a while I am not that intresstet anymore so I don't know how long I will check here regulary.

@LightHero Yeah your right, fixed it, nothing was textured in that folder yet so i didnt notice :) Thank you :D
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