[512x - 64x] Chococraft [MC1.4 - 1.7]

Post a new thread here if you've made a BDcraft styled complete patch to fully support a Minecraft mod.
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Post 05 Apr 2015, 18:34

Looks good. Thanks :)
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Post 24 Dec 2015, 10:57

Good job!
You only forgot to do the whole Chocodisguise Armor :)
But very well done!

Oh, I saw your changelog .. maybe just mine is broken or sth like that .. dunno
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Post 26 Dec 2015, 22:55

Yes, the disguise is broken in some versions of the mod. It's not me, it's the mod.
Want me to work on a specific mod?
I'd love to hear your suggestions! :love:
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Post 22 Apr 2018, 15:29

There is a new version of Chococraft for 1.12:

https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projec ... tID=225280

The main difference is filenames and there's a bunch of different eggs that need coloring (which I have done, but only for 32x and uh, I'm not an artist.)

If anyone still wants my crappy attempt I'll link it here, hoping that's not against the rules...!
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Post 09 Oct 2018, 19:34

Hi there =3
I don't want to be one of those "plsupdatepls" comments.... Unfortunately, (as mentioned above) the textures don't want to work with the current version of Chococraft for 1.12. The reason I'm asking anyway is because these textures are seriously adorable, well done, and the only version that seems to offer all the various colors that the mod came with. I personally have no idea how to make textures, so thank you for your time with this, and if you decided to update them, know it will be appreciated!
Thank you.
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Post 11 Feb 2019, 01:24

This version:


I added this to my modpack on 1.12 and using crafttweaker to get recipes for saddlebags and packbags. I converted some of the old textures to Chococraft3SLY. And made some textures changes to some fruit/pepper from other packs to finish out the modpack for the most part. Tried the best I could with the GUI, still need to do the icons.

Here is my version:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/nacl0u2p ... Y.zip/file

Crafttweaker recipes I am using are:

Code: Select all

import crafttweaker.item.IItemStack;

recipes.addShaped("packbag1", <chococraft:chocobo_saddle:2>, [
	[<chococraft:chocobo_feather>, <minecraft:leather>, null],
	[<minecraft:chest>, <minecraft:leather>, <minecraft:chest>],

recipes.addShaped("saddlebag1", <chococraft:chocobo_saddle:1>, [
	[null, <chococraft:chocobo_saddle>, null],
	[<minecraft:chest>, <minecraft:leather>, <minecraft:chest>]
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Post 09 May 2020, 17:49

@morgus I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do this and post it. I can't word how happy I am to have such cute chocobos and the greens look so much better in my farm.

It took a bit of digging to figure out how to use this, since most google results were for resource packs. If anyone else runs into this problem, you can simply open the jar file like a zip, replace the old asset folder with this new one, and viola!

Thanks again, to you and the original creator. <3
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