[512x - 32x] Buildcraft [MC1.4.5 - 1.8 & 1.12]

Post a new thread here if you've made a BDcraft styled complete patch to fully support a Minecraft mod.
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Post 11 Apr 2019, 22:08

It works fine without Optifine, but it used to work fine with it too.
I am not able to reproduce the working state by removing Silicon folder only, now whenever I try to active Thermal or Project:red texture patch along BC mod, it crashes (right after "loading sound" in Forge loading screen).

Here is the pastebin: https://paste.dimdev.org/kowuxokole.mccrash

The game loads OK with the following setting to false in BC config: B:useSwappableSprites=false

Problem is without Optifine I can't have juicy shaders and if I set "useSwappableSprites" to false, the oil in game is pink/black-missing error texture.
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Post 12 Apr 2019, 01:55

I suggested trying without Optifine just to see if it was the texture pack or something to do with Optifine.

I’ve had a couple small issues with the TE textures as well recently; perhaps the author of that patch needs to double-check the patch for typos or something?
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Post 12 Apr 2019, 08:04

It is seemingly related to Optifine somehow.

When I try to activate the ressource pack ingame, it refuses and go back to default. When I activate it before launch by changing the config file, it crashes during MC loading always pointing out to Buildcraft mod.

If I leave BC + Optifine and all ressources packs while setting useSwappableSprites to false, everything loads fine and there's no error ingame except for all textures related to BC Oil that appear with the error texture. That goes for the oil sources in world, and all items related to oil so refined oil, oil buckets, oil in pipes...

Going up this thread a bit I can see that the oil textures are specifically mentionned, maybe there's something particular that breaks the texture with useSwappableSprites setting disabled ?
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Post 12 Apr 2019, 11:53

I think there was a download with “fixed” oil textures a page or two back, did you download that? If so, is that when this issue started?
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Post 12 Apr 2019, 14:38

Yes I've downloaded the 7.99.17 which is the same than front page I guess.

The post before the oil mention are only about 1.8 so I'm not sure it will improve the situation.

I'd say the issues started around the time where I started to regularly upgrade BC in 7.99.17+, although it did not caused issues until one day I could not start MC again while it worked perfectly the day before.

At first it was just some parts of packs (see here for forestry : releases-for-mods-f9/forestry-t147-s90.html#p39031) and then whole ressourcepacks like thermal or Project:red, and now the mods .jar.

I've made a fresh install and cleaned all config files, no changes.

There's a high probability that the version delta is causing this so I'll try to remove specifically the oil textures in the pack to see if it works better.

Deleting all files in the resource pack referring to oil does not change the issue :(
Still pink if I load with useSwappableSprites setting to false, still crash if I load with true

-EDIT #2
After asking at BC support, the lead dev confirmed that it is expected for the oil to be pink with the setting to false as it is coded this way. He suggested the following to correct the issue:

"you can technically fix it by making a custom resource pack with all ~30 fluid textures"
"as in, you have to make one yourself which includes all 30 texture files, rather than the current method that generates them all from a single one"

Would it be something easy to do ?
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Post 13 Apr 2019, 19:37

Carnaxus wrote:
09 Apr 2019, 22:59
lolipoo wrote:
09 Apr 2019, 21:05

Something is crashing Minecraft when the directory "buildcraftsilicon" is used with both Buildcraft and Optifine.
Using 1.12 and latest 7.99.23 it crashes during MC loading.

Removing the "buildcraftsilicon" from the texture pack allows to load and play without issues.

This is going to sound silly, but try without Optifine. Minecraft has natively supported textures larger than its default since 1.5, and Optifine occasionally does funky things with its rendering code that can cause crashes with certain textures.

What does your crashlog say? If you want to post the full thing, please either use spoiler tags or Pastebin.
I think I know what is causing this.

A few months ago, I had a problem trying to get Buildcraft to not break the Connected Textures Mod patch I made for BDcraft. The problem is that a few BuildCraft files use vanilla textures, and obviously, CTM matrices are going to cause a problem there.

Inside my CTM patch, there are fixed model files pointing to a directory holding specific copies of the base textures that will not be touched by CTM. It's presently the only way I know of that can get around the issue.

You can get the files out of this: Connected Textures Mod

I would like to use the textures already in the mcpatcher folder, but after some testing, I can't figure out how to get to the mcpatcher folder because Minecraft assumes that a json file that says "minecraft:blocks/gold.png" or something similar really means "minecraft/textures/blocks/gold.png". The mcpatcher folder is on the same level as the textures folder, so I don't know how to get to the correct folder.
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Post 13 Apr 2019, 21:35

Thanks, the answer will probably make some sense for someone but it's all gibberish for me :)

The problem moved on from simply BCsilicon folder to whole ressources packs whenever I use Buildcraft and Optifine.
Everything points to Buildcraft mod itself because disabling the BC config option useSwappableSprites suddenly fixes all crashes and ressources packs not loading. Only downside is that it tranforms the oil textures in pink, but should be fixable if my previous EDIT#2 is correct.

I have no understanding of capability to create those famous 30 textures tho, if anyone get what that means I'll gladly participate to tests.
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Post 26 Feb 2020, 07:10

Having the same issue as lolipoo, if anyone can offer any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Fixed the issue, so this is for everyone who sees this in the future. The issue has nothing to due with the texture pack, it is an incompatibility issue between optifine and buildcraft due to how BC renders its textures. The main issue is with mipmaps so to fix the issue you need to set your mipmap level in your optifine config to zero and it will fix the crashes. Small price to pay so you can run these two amazing mods together.
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