Please READ before posting a bug report

Found something odd, buggy, or things missing regarding our resourcepacks or website?
Do not post issues when using mods here.
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Post 05 Feb 2014, 03:28

We are very happy to help you every day to answer your messages asking for help and support. However, please be sure that your problem has not been fixed previously.

Note: Before anything else read this guide to install a HD patch for Minecraft.

Make sure it's a texturepack bug and not a Minecraft bug

Sometimes bugs are due to an issue in Minecraft as opposed to the texturepack being at fault.

Search the Mojang bug tracker to check before making a bug report.

How do I know if my problem has already been solved?

Two simple solutions:
  1. Do a search
    Use the "Search" button located at the top right of the forum.
  2. Explore the support forum
    If you still have not found the answer, have a look at the messages already created. Look at the solved ones that have the green check icon.

And if I didn't find a solution to my problem?

If you don't find the answer after these three steps, do not hesitate to create your own topic:
  • If it looks like to be a bug (problem related to the texturepack itself): Create it in the Bug Report section
  • If it looks like an installation/config problem (not related to the texturepack): Create it in the Help Centre
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