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Post 24 Sep 2014, 17:55

Description Tags

"This little mod adds four simple items to the game: The Lore Tag, the Description Tag, the Warrior Tag and the Butcher Tag.
As their name suggests, they are used to add lore and descriptions to something, specifically, items.
The Lore Tag uses vanilla's lore system, adding purple flavour text in the items tooltip.
The Description tag is more advanced and allows for formatting and different colours, but uses features added by the mod to display that.
The Warrior and Butcher Tag both track the kills performed with the tagged item. The Butcher Tag tracks the kills for every living entity, the Warrior Tag only for mobs.
Finally, it adds a recipe to Name Tags. This is the same one Tinkers Construct or DiyoTweaks adds and all inspiration and credit goes to them. It's pointless for that thing to be dungeon loot only ^^"

Update: GUI currently is not the correct resolution, may fix soon.
Currently, this patch is only available in the 64x resolution.




20/09/14 - ***Initial Release***


Sphax - For the original Name Tag texture that I used as a base template.