[512x - 32x] OpenComputers [MC1.7]

Post a new thread here if you've made a BDcraft styled complete patch to fully support a Minecraft mod.
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Post 03 Feb 2015, 03:55

You could always give it a try, I haven't tested on 1.6.

I'll see if I can put together a 1.6 set.

EDIT - after a little nosing through the 1.6 filenames, nothing has really changed from what I can see. Files have simply been added on top since, so the 1.7 packs are 100% usable for 1.6 in the meantime.
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Post 18 Jun 2016, 19:18

in the latest version of the mod for 1.7.10 there appear to be a few missing items in the patch(trading upgrade, hover upgrade1&2, the manual, the ink cartridges, disk drive, diamond chip, data cards, chamelium, APU's, hoover boots and the scrench), could these items also be sphaxified? ^^
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Post 24 Nov 2016, 03:11

is there going to be an update for mc1.10.2?
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Post 28 Feb 2017, 04:36

I'm considering trying this mod myself in 1.10.2 soon (the first post of the MCF thread doesn't make it obvious that the mod has updated to that Minecraft version, but the CurseForge page does), so I'd somewhat like an update as well. If I go through with that, and it hasn't already been updated by the time I'm ready, I might take a stab at it myself - it looks like it will mainly just be renaming the files.

Edit: I've set up a Pull Request on GrumpyPirate's GitHub repo (btw, the GitHub link in the first post is for the Tubes patch, rather than for the OpenComputers patch, but I was able to find the right one) that adds a 1.10.2 folder with the textures renamed and rearranged to work with OpenComputers for 1.10.2. I haven't added any new textures, though, so the items that OliviaFurr mentioned still use default textures.
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Post 03 Apr 2017, 15:53

Think I'll leave this here for 1.10.2 x64 :)
Not complete as there's new stuff in the mod and I cannot texture to Grumpys standards, I have done some extra stuff where changing colours of existing textures was necessary.
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Post 13 Nov 2017, 16:11

could we please get a 1.12.2 update for this
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Post 26 Nov 2017, 14:25

OpenComputer is very downloaded on Curse (188528 this last month only for version 1.12) so many people could take advantage of an update ... This is my case but I can not edit myself.
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Post 02 Feb 2019, 22:55

Is this dead?
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Post 11 Feb 2019, 00:17

Files are missing from mediafire so no one can download this anymore
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Post 11 Feb 2019, 00:58

Breadabix wrote:
11 Feb 2019, 00:17
Files are missing from mediafire so no one can download this anymore
The patch files are still available via the GitHub link so I rezipped and rehosted them.
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