How to install 3D Addons with PureBDcraft

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Post 05 Feb 2015, 18:01

How to install 3D Addons with PureBDcraft

Follow the simple few steps below to understand how to install all the official Addons released for Sounds, Music and 3D Models.

Since several version, it's very easy to install ResourcePacks and it's even easier than before to stack them!
  1. Launch Minecraft and click on "Options"
  2. In "Options", select "Resource Packs..."
  3. Select all the packs you want from the list on the left to stack them in the list on the right
  4. Finally, be sure to put PureBDcraft below all the others
  5. Click "Done" and that's all!
Have fun!

If you have any issue or need support, please read the following guide and feel free to post there:
Read the full detailed guide for Addons and Mods Patches
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