Rotten Flesh Alternative

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Post 10 Feb 2015, 23:23

I'm sort of considering this feedback to Sphax about the brain, but in a more creative way (i.e. supplying an actual design instead of just demanding change ;)).

A few releases ago Sphax changed the Rotten Flesh to a Zombie Brain which is fun in vanilla, etc. however, it's always clashed with the Zombie Brain from the Thaumcraft mod. This is a bit annoying when playing as you search for "Zombie Brain" to do some fancy magic and get confused between the two.

Also, some people may prefer actual rotten flesh and not a brain (especially for those not using the US language pack as you're likely seeing it called "Rotten Flesh" still).

So, based on John Smith's rotten flesh, I've made an alternative for the rotten flesh texture.



To Install
For MC1.7+ just download the zip of your chosen resolution, put it in your resourcepacks folder and select it in game making sure it's above the main pack in your list.

For MC1.6 you can drag/drop the assets folder from the zip to your main PureBDcraft pack.

For MC1.5 open the zip, navigate through to assets > minecraft > textures > items and then drag/drop the png to your PureBDcraft pack's /textures/items folder.
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Tastes Like Vanilla
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Post 11 Feb 2015, 00:24

Wow! This is the type of stuff I'm talking about!

'd Go great with how my Minecraft looks.
Looks awesome! :p
-- Mickey Joe, out!
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Post 21 Feb 2015, 16:44

Thank you HanFox :)
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Post 23 Feb 2015, 17:21

I like it!
This ooks soooooooo cool!
I think it's better than the zombie brain :D
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Post 26 Apr 2015, 00:07

Thanks, I was looking for exactly this after starting a Thaumcraft game. :)
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