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Post 10 Jun 2015, 19:47

Ive been using SphaxVanillaBDcraft for quite some time now, however when I start the game (with mods) and join a server, I get this: Show But when I change texture packs to SphaxPUREbdcraft, I get this Show . I really dont understand the issue, it seems to be certain XYZ coordinates, E.X - I place a 3x3 square of blocks, but one of them is the missing texture. So I replace it, same texture. I then place a block ontop, normal texture, and all around that single block is the normal texture. Also the breaking textures are all broken. The Mods Im Using Show
Damage Indicator (1.8) , InventoryTweaks (1.8) , LiteLoader which runs Zans Minimap

I dont want to use MCPatcher because it gets rid of my mods, and I cant load Liteloader with it.
And when I put Optifine in, the launcher starts, but the game fails to run at all.

please help me ;(
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Post 10 Jun 2015, 20:15

We're under the impression it's problem with Forge and there currently isn't a fix.

See: ... t4231.html
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