VanillaBDcraft Changelog

Ideas and feedback to improve VanillaBDcraft, the more classical feeling resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 20 Jun 2016, 12:11

- Added structure blocks.
- Added structure void.
- Added red Nether bricks.
- Added Nether wart block.
- Added bone block.
- Added magma block.
- Added stray.
- Added husk.
- Added polar bear.
- New emerald block.
- New lava.
- New lava bucket.
- Improved pigzombies.

Show 2nd November, 2015
- Added elytra wings and item (credit goes to the BDcraft resident Inuit).
- Lighter cobblestone.
- New, but similar, planks.
- Added chorus fruit, plant and flower.
- Added End bricks.
- Added Purpur blocks (pillar and stairs).
- Using PureBDcraft's fish again.
- Added necessary GUI icons.
- Altered Minecraft logo.
- Added new boats + item models.

Show 9th July 2015
With the addition of VanillaBDcraft for 1.7 and a 64x64 version I've also added some new things to the 128x128 1.8 version! Here is a quick changelog:

- Added 3D model for the crafting table.
- Added a texture to 2 of the faces of the cauldron model.
- Fixed the pink/black texture glitch with stone brick when users used Forge.
- Rescaled mob_spawner.png, glass panes and wolf_collar.png down to 64x64 to slightly decrease file size (doesn't have an effect on quality).
- Changed the eyes of the pumpkin/jack 'o' lantern.
- New panorama for the starting menu background.
- New Minecraft logo.
- Slightly recoloured diamond armor.
- New, more vanilla Minecraft-like helmets for diamond, iron and gold armor.
- New empty armor slot GUI icons.
- Added subtle shading to monster spawn eggs.
- New original Wither painting made by my girlfriend (uses some textures from GrungeBDcraft).
- New texture for all wool types.
- Added some splashes.
- Changed the "fast" leaves to the ones in PureBDcraft - looks much smoother.
- Made lapiz lazuli look a bit better.
- Removed the model for cactus.
- Slightly changed the color of seeds.
- New compass texture/animation (made using BDcraft Animaker!).
- Fixed some color bugs with all rail types.
- Changed model of raised rail to match vanilla Minecraft's.
- Made farmland (wet/dry) look better.
- Optimized potion effect icons.
- Added PureBDcraft's model for fences but in VanillaBDcraft's colors.
- Made the snow golem's face look a tad better.
- Patched one or two awkward pixels on wooden planks textures.
- Added 3D model for sign in inventory.
- Slightly altered item frame texture.
- Changed the texture on the body of the snow golem to VBDc's snow block texture.
- Patched the ladder model.
- Re-added some Othala runes (enchanted book, all armor types).
- Updated the paintings in general.
- 3D model for sugar cane.
- Removed mouth from villages.
- Added some detail to the iron golem's face.
- Added custom model for the anvil.
- New beacon model.
- New (red) sandstone texture.
- Slightly recolored (red) sand.
- Adjusted the birch log texture.
- New bread texture.
- Changed lava bucket texture.
- New texture for all books.
- Adjusted color scheme for all but one villagers and replaced 2 of the robes with aprons (butcher and blacksmith).
-- Mickey Joe, out!