Uxer's Short Stories

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Post 07 Dec 2015, 02:20

Most of you here don't know me. So I'll introduce myself before we get to the main point of this topic. I am Uxernome, an amateur pixel artist, I used to make texture packs for a cube game very similar to Minecraft. I like to play very old video games from various consoles (dos, dreamcast, nes, snes, original xbox, n64, ngc, gbc & gba), I have a great collection coins from all around the world, I love reading books, I watch shounen and seinen anime (however, I've seen a pretty good shoujo once) and I do tons of stuff to remain a healthy and active person, like staring at the wall for two hours.

Sometimes I learn the basics of a programming language out of boredom and I make something useless with what I learned (so far I've touched java, javascript, html, c, c++, c#, css, xml and python). My latest useless project is http://qumk3x.fh10.net it's basically a basic page with nothing more than a matrix-like background which you may only see animated if you use firefox (because chrome and ie sucks)

But what I love the most to do above all else is writing. I've a passion for writing stories and though I do enjoy minecraft and the bdcraft and I used to make texture packs for a similar game, my contributions here shall only be stories. Short ones. This is what this thread is all about. Prepare for another wall of text tomorrow....