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GrungeBDcraft alive?

Posted: 27 Nov 2017, 13:34
by Gebes
i am a big fan of Sphax. I use Sphax since 1.6 and now we have 1.12. My Question is:
Does GrungeBDcraft get any updates? I like this texturepack but there are no more updates :(
Pls bring some updates

Re: GrungeBdCraft is discontinued?

Posted: 04 Jan 2018, 11:07
by maicol07
Any news?

Re: GrungeBdCraft is discontinued?

Posted: 17 Mar 2019, 17:57
by Litheen
maicol07 wrote:
04 Jan 2018, 11:07
Any news?
In how many different ways do you want to hear the same? Or do you hope pesting somebody will push them into making it?
Don't forget these textures are free and the creator doesn't owe us anything.

It will, some day, get updated. There is not ETA, nor are they going to give us an ETA.

I really love the grunge pack myself, but reading the answers that have been given in this and other threads is quite clear that we'll simply have to sit and be patient.