Looking for an 3D Model Artist for a Horrormap

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Post 16 Jun 2016, 20:20

Hello Guys!
I wants to create an Horrormap such like Outlast, Layers of Fear, Until Dawn and more.
Mainly with its own story, but even with some Scenes from different Movies, Games or things like that.
Because there arent many Good Horrormaps, i want to set a Point with this Map. It should be the Best ever Created. And as far as is can think, i could need Modeller Help for this.

So if you wants to help and you are good on Modelling, contact me in Skype or Discord.
Skype: xdjannikdx
Discord: MisterCookie1234#1283

You wont will get paid, but we will credit you and im sure enough people would play this map.
(If you are from Germany: Wir haben bislang auch einige Deutsche Youtuber als Synchronsprecher wie zb. Takaishii und Selbstgespräch.. mehr folgen bald.)